Doing great SEO work isn’t the easiest job on the market and doing quality work takes time. Forunately, those who have been in the industry for a while have developed tons of tools to make our jobs a little bit easier. Let’s look at the list of tools that I use on a daily basis:

    • SEO for Firefox- Ever wished that you could see your and your competition’s pagerank, number of links, domain age, and dmoz listing from a simple google or yahoo search? This tool makes it a reality and gives you a lot more for free.
    • Adwords Keyword Tool- This tool was developed to help Adwords advertisers to find new keywords, but with a healthy amount of hand editing the lists in Excel, it is a great tool to get some keyword lists that include “Google’s monthly traffic estimates” for each keyword. The data probably isn’t right on, but no one is closer to the exact number than Google.
    • Web Developer’s Toolbar for Firefox-Would you like to see every nofollow link on a webpage highlighted? Check. Would you like to see if any of your competitor’s are doing any form of cloaking? Check. Would you like to just validate the css on a page you are building? Check. This tool is amazing and with some creativity with it’s functionality, you will be amazed at how powerful it actually is.
    • Google Webmaster’s tools- Webmaster’s tools gives you everything from the ability to see if your website has any indexability issues in the eyes of Google, you can find out if you have duplicate title tags, you can create your own robots.txt file, and quite a bit more from this easy to use set of tools.

This is by no means an all encompassing list of all of the great SEO tools on the internet, but it is a list of some of the tools that we use at LSM on all of our clients’ sites. I hope that any SEO noob’s out there that stumble across this can save a couple of hours a day from these tools!