The Social Whirl: What Facebook Recommendations Can Mean to Your Business

How often have you heard friends recommending their favorite professional service providers? From contractors to dentists people rely on their friends’ opinions on a regular basis.

I do it too. I recently moved to the Dallas – Fort Worth area and I know very few folks. For everything, from eyebrow waxing to local pediatricians, I’ve had to rely on recommendations from a very small pool of people.  Facebook recently made getting recommendations from your friends a whole lot easier.

The new “Recommendations from Friends,” feature on Facebook (and I say “new,” but really it’s a Summer 2011 development) has capitalized on this need for familiar input. Now when scoping out pages on Facebook there’s a right sidebar with information that includes any recommendations my friends may have written about a particular business or place. Not only that, but Facebook recently announced the addition of non-friend recommendations which will soon be present on pages, as well as a recommendations prompt, that will urge folks to write a recommendation as soon as they click the like button. All of these changes mean that as a small business owner, you have an exciting opportunity to further promote your business on Facebook.

In order to push recommendations on Facebook it’s important to integrate it with everything you do. From invoices to email marketing, include your Facebook icon with a call to action such as  “Like and Recommend us on Facebook.” Train your salespeople and customer service representatives to mention it in conversations and follow-ups. Chances are a large percentage of your clients are already using social media and they only need a reminder or nudge in the right direction to spread some social media love on your own page.

Establishing a pool of recommendations on your Facebook page is a great way to inspire confidence and trust for first time researchers. This will make their conversion that much easier for you as a business owner!

Overall, this Facebook recommendations addition is just another step in recent developments making it easier for business owners to reach a larger pool of potential customers. It’s up to us, as digitally savvy marketers to take advantage of these services and really see what converts for our businesses.