For all 3 of you out there that were not watching the Super Bowl last night, the Superdome actually lost power for a little over half an hour. Oreo took advantage of this with a simple but brilliant tweet that went viral immediately, enjoying over 14,500 retweets.

What made the post so effective wasn’t that it was particularly clever on its own.  It was the speed with which Oreo and their ad agency, 360i, produced the tweet that was truly amazing.  People operate in real time, so it makes sense that social media should as well. Creative social accounts that react and respond quickly to current events have the ability to delight followers beyond expectations and tend to make a huge splash in the digital community.

Just goes to show that you really don’t have to spend millions to have your voice heard, even during the Super Bowl. Be responsive and innovative with your social media, and you’ll get noticed. It’s fun, effective, and free!

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