Now that Google has started mapping North Korea, the last nation to be depicted in the search giant’s Google Maps service, the company seems a little bored.  What do you do when you’ve basically mapped the whole world?  What new frontiers are there to be catalogued? The moon? Mars?

Nope, not space- yet anyway.  For now, Google has decided to concern itself with mountains- ski resorts to be precise.  The tech giant recently added 38 new ski resorts to its Google Maps repertoire, including famous locales like Big Sky and Whistler Blackcomb.

That’s right.  Now the next time you hit the slopes you can see a number of useful things right on Google Maps: where the lifts begin, where the ski runs go, and even what difficulty those runs are.  Select runs even have Street View so you can get visuals on what you might experience should you select that route.

Google initially started rolling out mountain resorts and ski runs back in November 2012, and it claims that more representations of winding wintery paradises are on the way.  We’ll have to wait and see.

The full list of mapped runs can be found here.



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