If pizza delivery companies utilized their fax machines more often, we might never have had the Google that we know and love today.  According to the search behemoth’s co-founder, Sergey Brin, when he started on his original web service project some two decades ago, the initial idea was to “streamline” the pizza ordering process.

In a speech he gave last year, the entrepreneur knew that it was time to move on from this idea when he realized that pizza parlors don’t really check their fax machines all that often.  When testing the service, Brin and his comrades were forced to call the pizza place when their food never came, and the person on the other end of the line told them to hold while he checked the fax machine.  It was only then that Brin gave up his ambitions for a pizza revolution and eventually moved on to start the world’s most powerful search engine with Larry Page.

The moral of the story: next time your pizza fails to show up on time, don’t complain.  Channel your frustration into something useful, like starting one of the world’s most dominant international corporations.

For more info and a video of the small talk Brin gave, click here.

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