So the coolest thing about writing a blog about the Internet (other than the incredibly wide range of relevant subject matter on such a broad topic) is the ability to shamelessly promote some of the coolest sites I come across.  This week’s specimen:, one of the ambitious startups tackling online education.

Boundless is the answer to ridiculously priced college textbooks (or haphazardly skimming through various Wikipedia articles in no real organized fashion), offering a massive database of free, easily accessible information on a number of subjects.  It’s a very beautiful, intuitive site, and it offers study materials like flash cards and quizzes. It also keeps track of your progress as you navigate through your studies.

So whether you’re just interested in learning about random stuff or trying to brush up on something important for your career, check out  It’s easier and much cheaper than getting textbooks.

I should be getting paid for this kind of publicity. Maybe next time.

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