Sometimes, people ask stupid questions.  We’re human; it happens.  However, what tends to get especially annoying is when people ask for things that they could easily find on their own, without putting you through the trouble of figuring it out for them.

Enter Let Me Google That for You, a service that allows you to let people know when this type of situation has occurred.  With this site, you can search Google for your friend (and by this I mean search for something on behalf of your friend- you’re not searching Google for information about your friend), then send them a link that performs that search you just did for them.  Redundant? A little. Funny? Definitely.

So the next time you’re feeling a little snarky, head on over to and type in whatever subject you need information about.  Copy the link, send it to your friend, and voila! Now they have the information they need while also feeling a bit silly for asking you something that would have taken them about 3 seconds to find themselves. It’s a win-win.

Unless we’re talking about your boss.  Do not do this to your boss.

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