The world is on the move, and it doesn’t look like this trend is changing any time soon.  Gartner Research recently came out with a report that projected mobile ad revenues would pass the $11 billion mark this year, and that, my friends, is a lot of cheddar.  If that’s not impressive enough, mobile advertising is expected to continue to increase fairly rapidly over the next few years. Get this: Gartner’s projections for mobile ad revenue for the year 2016 weigh in at over $25 billion. Sometimes I wonder if they’re just making this stuff up.


Luckily, Google just came out with AdWords Enhanced Campaigns, which make it even easier to target mobile users these days.  The new advanced campaigns have some incredible tools that let you run specific ads depending on what device a person is using and even where that person is. Coincidentally, I just so happen to know a team of dedicated Internet marketing experts that create and manage stellar advertising campaigns on the Web, so if you’re in the market, let me know.

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