My millions of dedicated followers out there will remember a time not long ago when I posted about Oreo’s clutch tweeting during the infamous Super Bowl blackout.  Well kids, Oreo is back again, and this time they’re going after the other snacks.  A few weeks ago, a woman tweeted about following both Oreo and Kit-Kat’s Twitter accounts.  To her (and, I assume, everyone else’s) surprise, Kit-Kat tweeted back at her, challenging Oreo to an epic duel of tic-tac-toe in an effort to win over the woman’s affections.

I could explain it more detail, but you should probably just go read the tweets in the article… It’ll be more entertaining. However, for all you brands out there, take note: interacting with other companies on social media is a great (read: cheap and effective) way to generate buzz.  Not only does it show that your business is with the times, but it also shows that your corporation has a fun side, which consumers like to see.

Leverage other companies’ networks to help increase your brand’s visibility. It works.

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