UPDATE: At long last, Google has announced that they are considering expanding Google Fiber to Music City! Here at Local Search Masters, we’re pretty excited about the possibility of super speedy Internet coming to town. Google Fiber is only offered in a few cities around the country, which makes this high quality Internet service even more exclusive. The other cities on the list of consideration are Atlanta, Charlotte, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, and the San Jose and South Bay area. Google, choose us!

Learn more about this breaking update here! http://www.tennessean.com/article/20140219/BUSINESS04/302190161?nclick_check=1


UPDATE: Google Fiber is expanding again, this time to… Provo, UT. Needless to say, we here at LSM are incredibly disappointed in Google’s decision and will continue to write mildly irritated emails to the company until Fiber comes to Nashville. The Music City is dying for faster internet, Google, and you’re our only hope.

If you want to help us bring Google Fiber to Nashville, send your ravens to Google here and bug your local government to make a deal with Google.


The Internet in my apartment (which we only had installed a couple of months ago!) went down for the second time last week.  Needless to say, I was unamused.  And all of this hassle is over 25 Mb speed- child’s play compared to the gigabit speeds offered in areas serviced by Google Fiber.

I mention Google Fiber because everyone’s favorite search engine recently announced that they’d soon be expanding their high-speed, fiber optic Internet services from Kansas City to Austin, Texas.  And as I sit here, recalling the annoyance I felt last week when my access to the Web went down during a very busy time, I can’t help but wonder… Why not Nashville?

I don’t want to beg, but I’ll do it if means that one day I’ll get to surf (Do people still use this phrase anymore?) the Internet at breakneck speeds from Music City. Google, please oh please put Nashville on your list of blessed destinations. I understand why you chose Austin.  It’s a great place, often hailed for its music and high quality of life. But guess what? So is Nashville.

Listen, we’re one of the hottest cities in the US right now (just ask ForbesThe New York Times, or even GQ).  We’re centrally located, and we have a budding tech and entrepreneurial community that would truly appreciate such a resource.  We have Vanderbilt University, an institution which I’m sure would love to take advantage of high speed Internet on campus and in the surrounding areas.  ABC even made a TV show about us.  So the next time you (whoever you are at Google Fiber that makes these decisions) sit down to discuss possible expansion, please don’t forget about Nashville.

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