We go to Google for pretty much everything these days, but there are specialized search engines that have the ability to relay certain kinds of information back to us even more effectively than the Search Giants of Mountain View.  A fairly well-known example of this is Wolfram Alpha, a “computation engine” that’s particularly effective at searching for and analyzing statistics.

Verious is another one of those search engines, and its special niche is the world of coders, designers, and developers. Verious allows you to sift through their massive database of aggregated code and content, which scrapes information from an extensive list of relevant websites.  The search service has developer profiles, so you can keep track of information that comes from the contributors you find most helpful.  You can also save content and share with collaborators easily.

The search results pages are impressive as well.  Not only does it sort and recommend results based on relevance, but the results are also clearly labeled for your convenience.  Thus, before you even on a result, you can see if it’s pure code or whether it’s taken from a blog article, tutorial, Q&A page, forum, etc.

The service is still currently in beta testing, but it worked like a dream when I played around with it. So the next time you’re having trouble assimilating a component into your design, trying to decide what sort of plug in or application makes the most sense, or even just looking to browse snippets of code to make your site look more professional or function more smoothly, I highly recommend that you check out Verious.

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