When utilizing Pay-Per-Click advertising, many small businesses struggle to utilize geo-targeting properly. Getting enough search volume while limiting the search area can be extremely tough, even if it does produce quality leads.

Google AdWords allows users several ways to geo-target, and getting creative with these options is your best chance to produce a high volume of quality leads. These options are:

  • City, state, country, region
  • DMA (designated market area)
  • ZIP code
  • Radius around a point
  • Location extension targeting

Another important option to consider is the advanced setting, “People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location” that will allow your ads to be shown to people searching your location even if they aren’t in that search area.

The following are some tips to improve your geo-targeting campaigns:


AdWords allows you to select areas where your ads will not show. This is an important feature for businesses that have multiple locations to exclude areas where they don’t have a location, or simply excluding areas that have historically produced poor leads. You can also sort to find “low quality clickers” and exclude them.


You can adjust your bid by location. This can be used like exclusions to place lower bids on areas that offer poor leads, and higher bids on areas that produce quality customers.


Another feature allows your ads to only display for certain keywords by location. If, for instance, people often include the locations in their searches, then you can limit your ads to that search. This strategy gives you an advantage on certain keywords over competitors and can improve the volume of leads and impressions.


AdWords allows you to geo-target mobile users, which for certain industries can be the most important segment of search volume. Restaurants and convenience industry businesses especially can take advantage of mobile search traffic where users are looking for the easiest, closest options.


A fun little feature of AdWords is allowing Google Scripts commands into ads. This can be applied to things like the weather. So, an amusement park may lower bids when it is raining, or increase them when it is nice outside.


Google Adwords has a bunch of unique features to play around with. By utilizing all of them, you can increase your ROI and generate a large volume of quality leads. Geo-targeting allows smart market research to thrive online, and businesses to take advantage of consumer trends.

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