The Sowell Train Awards aim to provide a little insight into the latest developments in the digital marketing world. From Google algorithm updates to the newest social media features, I take a look at the biggest trends and changes in the field, give a little analysis, and apply a rating system based on the value that each development provides to marketers. Highly valuable developments are awarded a whopping 5 choo choos, and not-so-promising changes get only 1.

Fairly recently, Facebook rolled out its own version of Google AdWords and gave a golden opportunity to those of us on the social media side of digital marketing. The advent of an advanced, highly targeted advertising function on Facebook has the potential to grow the capabilities of social media marketing.

Facebook ads are a function of the giant social media corporation that will continue to grow more important as advertisements become more accepted and commonplace on social channels, so it is crucial for any good social media marketer to be well versed in the capabilities of paid Facebook campaigns.

Facebook ads can be used for anything from gaining Facebook likes for a page to increasing event responses to driving website conversions. Power Editor is a Facebook advertisement tool that allows for advanced campaign and ad editing and offers services like replicating ads and managing campaigns. However, it’s important to attract the right audience, not just any audience. While Facebook has offered various ad targeting capabilities for a while, the Power Editor function offers partner categories, which bring ad targeting to an unprecedented level with their highly detailed parameters.

Power Editor draws on data from three different external partner categories that gather information about users’ preferences. Categories are incredibly specific. For example, you can limit your audience to new parents interested in green living who make $75,000 – $100,000 per year and who have recently moved into a home worth $150,000 – $199,999. Want to target college graduates with teen drivers whose car insurance expires in April? Lucky you. You can even target people by congressional district who donate to political causes.

Much like with AdWords, Power Editor allows for multiples campaigns, ads per campaign, and the ability to pause, edit, and delete ads as necessary. In particular, A/B testing opportunities abound with the immense amount of parameters offered.

Power Editor and, more specifically, partner categories allow for targeting capabilities beyond anything we have yet seen in social media. I give Power Editor partner categories 5 choo choos for their value to social media marketing. For your convenience, I have listed out the three partner categories, along with their parameters.

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