The Sowell Train Awards aim to provide a little insight into the latest developments in the digital marketing world. From Google algorithm updates to the newest social media features, I take a look at the biggest trends and changes in the field, give a little analysis, and apply a rating system based on the value that each development provides to marketers. Highly valuable developments are awarded a whopping 5 choo choos, and not-so-promising changes get only 1.

While Twitter’s targeting options are not as sophisticated as Facebook’s Power Editor, Twitter advertising is an effective way to get engagement on social media and to maximize instant communication with target audiences.

With Twitter advertising, you can promote both Twitter accounts and individual tweets. Promoted accounts strive to acquire followers; promoted Tweets aim to increase the number of impressions and interaction on the actual post while gaining a follower or two as well.

Targeting comes at different levels. From keyword level targeting to targeting by interests and followers, Twitter ads allow marketers to get their content in front of people who are interested in what they have to say.

In addition to keyword targeting, you can market to potential customers by targeting followers of a particular user. For example, let’s say you want to promote a fashion blog post on Twitter.  By targeting followers of influential people in the fashion industry, you have the potential to reach larger but still highly relevant audience.

In addition, Twitter has recently released new advertising features. With Amplify, Twitter is ramping up their attempts to engage via videos. Recently, Twitter announced their plan to roll out 15 new types of ad products and ways to target users within the next 6 months. For instance, the upcoming app install ad feature will allow advertisers to promote their apps for downloading.

With its large follower fan base and growing connection to video, Twitter advertising is a unique way to advertise and has a lot of potential for success in the hands of creative marketing teams, especially with the advent of their new ad types. Consequently, Twitter ads earn 4 choo choos for their value to social media marketers in the last Sowell Train Awards.

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