UPDATE: Thank you all for coming! I forgot to mention during my presentation – I showed an example Google Tag Manager account container that contained a number of examples of useful tags and macros that can help you pull information into Analytics. Contact me and I can add you as a user to this Tag Manager container. This will allow you to walk through the tags we discussed, and to get examples of how to implement different featues. Just ask me and I’ll add you!


As promised, I’ve loaded this page up with goodies that will help you track everything.  Anything mentioned during my presentation should be spelled out in more detail, or at least linked-to from this page.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, or if you want to chat further about anything from the presentation, do not hesitate to holler at me via email or Twitter.


Resources for implementing UA/GTM


Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

What’s new in Universal Analytics?

Universal Analytics Upgrade Center

Tag Manager Help Center

About ‘User ID’ – Track a user on all of their devices!

Google Tag Assistant – Google Chrome add-on to check if your tags are working


Blogs about Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager


Upgrading Universal Analytics and Demographic Reporting

– Very easy to follow guide to upgrading Universal Analytics and enabling Demographic reports.

Simo Ahava’s Guide to Macros in Google Tag Manager

– This is the holy grail for understanding the power of macros in Tag Manager.  I talked a bit in the presentation about how macros can help you include user-information along with your form submission events – here is the guide that will help you do it.

Simo Ahava’s Advanced Form Tracking using Tag Manager

– More from Simo’s blog, this time how how to track forms.

John Cutroni’s Guide to Auto-Event Tracking

– Great guide.  I snagged one of his pictures for the slideshow.


Call Tracking


In the spirit of “track everything” I wanted to include a couple of links to services that can help you implement dynamic call tracking.  Both of these services can tell you the exact keyword that led a searcher to make a phone call, and they both offer direct integration into Universal Analytics.

Call Rail

Mongoose Metrics