On December 9th Local Search Masters co-hosted an exclusive Google breakfast. Attended by clients, local partners and media contacts, the event focused on how to use Google’s latest products and services to grow your business. The presentation, conducted by Google Partners Agency Development Manager, Vanessa Conceicao, focused on dynamic phone tracking, remarketing (also known as retargeting) and YouTube TrueView.

There was a lot to takeaway from the breakfast. Below are the top 11 most important takeaways:

  1. Potential customers across all industries are likely to utilize Google AdWord’s “click-to-call” mobile ad function.
  1. Over 90% of all smartphone users use their phones to look up information about local businesses, and 52% of those same users will call a business as a result of their mobile search.
  1. Google AdWords call forwarding function allows for a business to dynamically track calls placed directly from the “click-to-call” ad extension, as well as gather information such as the consumer’s area code, the call date, start and end time of the call and the call’s duration (a minimum duration is used to track conversion). A different forwarding number is used for each ad, so businesses can also track which of their ads are generating the most phone calls.
  1. If a business lacks a mobile site, but still wishes to engage with smartphone users, Google display ads can be created showing only the telephone number and appearing without a link to the business’ website.
  1. There are three situations in which a business can count calls as conversions: 1) calls from the “click-to-call” ad extension, 2) calls from the landing page once an ad is clicked and 3) clicks on a phone number on the website. In all 3 instances, Google AdWord’s dynamic tracking will count these as conversion if the minimum call duration is met.
  1. The easiest way for a business to increase return-on-investment is to target consumers who have already visited their site, but left without converting (applies to 96% of consumers). Remarketing can be done by adding these consumers to a list that will display to them ads with customized text (such as Free Shipping). This gives business a second chance to reach out to users who are already interested and who are 3x more likely to convert than someone who has never been to the site, thus resulting in a higher ROI.
  1. Dynamic remarketing is taking consumer targeting to the next step by tailoring ads based off of exactly what the consumer was viewing on the website. Through Google AdWords, businesses can easily create beautiful, high-performing customized ads, ads that will increase click-thru-rates and decrease cost-per-conversion rates.
  1. Google AdWords doesn’t only to apply to display ads and search ads; businesses can also build dynamic video ads to be displayed on YouTube in only about 20 minutes. These ads, called TrueView video ads, can be displayed before a video (in-stream), on the page where a user is watching a video (in-display) or on a search results page (in-search).
  1. The Google Display Network, through which the TrueView ads are shown, reaches 89% of the population. However, businesses can target and reach specific audiences based off of things such as different interests, certain topics, publishers or specified keywords.
  1. TrueView ads can be highly engaging and specific – the type of ads that will result in a higher ROI. Additionally, the ads are “pay-per-view” which means businesses are only charged when a user watches the whole length of the ad.
  1. A business’ marketing agency can be their best friend, as long as they trust their agency and engage in open, honest lines of communication on a regular basis. An agency wants their clients to succeed, but this can only be done with a successful onboarding experience. During the onboarding stage, a business should tell their agency all of their goals (immediate and long-term), any ad campaigns already running and the money made per conversion for each product/service offered. This will allow for your agency to tailor the business’ marketing plan to maximize ROI.


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