What does a consumer learn about your business when they look for online reviews? Do you they see unsatisfied customers and an unengaged business or do they see a business that cares about each customer’s experience? More and more consumers are taking the time to research their purchasing decisions prior to via online reviews. As a result, your online reputation has become increasingly important.

New potential consumers are more likely to purchase a product or use a service if they see a positive online reputation.  Your reputation online is often the first thing potential consumers see! Fortunately, you can help shape your businesses online reputation with careful management and constant attention! If your still not sold on the importance of your online reputation, here are some reasons why should care about your online reputation:

Below are three ways to optimize your online review management strategy:

  1. Try and form a personalized response to any dissatisfied customers. Most customers with a complaint just want to be heard. By personally responding to the message, you have an excellent chance of turning that disgruntled customer into a future advocate for your business.
  2. Respond to as many as possible. Each review should get some sort of engagement, whether that’s a simple like or a personalized message. Showing the customer that you care enough to engage goes a long way!
  3. Respond quickly. Consumers will be pleased with a quick and timely response. Your online reputation will only benefit from responding in a timely matter!

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