Your brand’s voice is what customers should hear whenever they encounter your brand, product, or service. Brand voice spans all content, including marketing material, social media channels, and even the in-store experience. Having a consistent, strong voice gives your brand a personality, sets you apart from competitors and builds connections with consumers.  Essentially, it is the persona created for your brand that is conveyed in language, tone, and purpose. It’s what your brand is and what your brand isn’t put together in one unified voice.

Your brand voice is not a mission statement or a simple few-word tagline. It’s more than that.

  • It tells your brand’s story.
  • It defines the characteristics that make your brand stand out (i.e. gritty, tough, bold).
  • It creates authentic connections. Authenticity helps to build relationships between brands and their customers. You wouldn’t trust a person who you didn’t think was trustworthy or authentic, so why would you expect your customers to trust a brand that didn’t exude those same characteristics?

Think about the brands that you feel passionate about. Do they have strong personalities or voices that come to mind? Of course they do.

The message and tone of your brand is conveyed in the voice that is used throughout both internal and external communications, including:

  • Website Content
  • Employee Onboarding / Company Culture Documents
  • Marketing Materials (Brochures, Fliers, Ads)
  • Newsletters and blogs
  • Social Media Profiles

After you’ve found your brand voice, it’s important to use it as a guide for all content that is produced so that everything is consistent. Creating a guide for your brand allows you too easily outline the do’s and don’ts along with any other key elements so that everyone in the company is on the same page. Keeping your voice consistent across all media can help to build customer connections, tell stories, and make your brand stand out amongst others in a crowded industry.

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