WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the market for websites in 2021, with forty percent of all sites built using their platform and CMS. The Achilles heel of WordPress has always been site speed. Across the board, speed is the one thing that has suffered the most on WordPress websites. Slow speeds can be attributed to the array of plugins in their ecosystem and the fact that WordPress is built on the back of the PHP programming language.

To tackle this enormous issue, WordPress has put together a team of engineers from Google and Yoast to focus on the speed and security of their platform, along with making development within the ecosystem more developer-friendly. Back in November, they had an initial meeting tackling over nineteen different focus areas within the ecosystem. Looking forward, they’ve openly stated that nothing is off the table when it comes to improving the WordPress CMS. 

One vein of focus is the education and usability of their platform for developers. The plan is to push development in the WordPress platform by encouraging, instead of policing, the way engineers build within the CMS. This includes the possibility of laying out a handbook that outlines when and how to use assets properly to avoid collisions in the plugin ecosystem for theme builders.

This coordinated approach to actively building WordPress for the future is a great sign that the CMS will thrive going forward. These are steps that companies should take to keep their technology relevant in the space as it ages. While the WordPress Performance Team is in the early stages of working towards this goal, we are excited to see future updates in 2022. 

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