Just as the world is settling into life “after” the COVID-19 pandemic, another crisis has taken over the United States. That crisis is the labor crisis. In 2021, an estimated 47 million people quit their current jobs in favor of higher-paying jobs, fully remote jobs, jobs that offer large signing bonuses, and the list goes on. Some were laid off amid the pandemic when businesses were forced to close or run on skeleton crews in order to be compliant with COVID-19 protocols. 

By the time businesses reopened, and consumer behavior reached “normal” levels, those employees, no matter their reasons for being unemployed, have either found new employment or aren’t willing to settle for a job they don’t enjoy. What does that mean? It means that we’re now in a position where there are too many companies in urgent need of employees and not enough employees to fill those jobs (or willing to fill the jobs due to low pay, lack of flexibility, and so on). Enter: The Labor Shortage.

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re not here to learn the history of how this shortage began. You just want to know what you can do to get employees through your doors. So let’s talk about Indeed. 

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Indeed is one of the largest hiring platforms on the web, with more than 250 million unique jobseekers visiting the site per month. Indeed also boasts a massive resume library of more than 225 million resumes. With an intuitive, user-friendly website and mobile app, and an affiliation with Glassdoor (another popular job site that focuses on employee experiences with employers vs. a traditional job board), Indeed is an ideal place for jobseekers to find their perfect match. 

So how can you maximize Indeed as a tool for employee recruitment and set yourself apart from your competition? 

Tip 1: Sponsor Your Posts

It seems simple, but much like consumer advertising, the more money you’re willing to invest in your ads, the more likely you are to be seen above your competitors (who undoubtedly need employees just as bad as you do!). You can choose from several ad bidding strategies on Indeed, including daily budgets, monthly budgets, and even payments per completed application. Like traditional pay-per-click advertising, you’ll only be charged when a jobseeker clicks on your listing, making it an inexpensive advertising method. You can learn more about your sponsored job options here.

Tip 2: Use Campaigns, Not Just Jobs

This year, Indeed rolled out a new campaign feature on the hiring platform. This new tool allows advertisers to set up one campaign and list multiple jobs under that campaign without requiring separate budgets. The budget is set on the campaign level, and Indeed’s algorithm funds each job according to each job’s performance data. Using campaigns will give you access to valuable performance insights and save you time and money, which is just a nice added bonus. 

Pro Tip: Indeed covers a 25-mile radius around your business by default. If you have multiple locations, and you’re looking for employees in many areas, you can create different job posts for each geographic area under one campaign. This technique allows you to blanket a much larger geographic area for the same cost. 

Tip 3: Use Screener Questions – Seriously. Do it. 

Some employers just need bodies right now, and that’s okay. But no matter how many employees you need, you probably have at least some level of qualification requirements to ensure an employee’s success. Do they have reliable transportation? Do they have a high school diploma? If so, there’s an Indeed Screener Question for that. 

This feature comes with several perks, including auto-reject, which will decline an applicant if they answer “no” to one of your Screener Questions, and even built-in evaluations tied to some of those preset questions. Although it may take a bit longer to set up your listing using these screeners, they’ll likely save you lots of valuable time by weeding out candidates who aren’t qualified for the jobs you offer. 

Tip 4: Use Indeed Apply, Not Your In-House ATS

We know, we know. This one is a bit controversial, but hear us out. According to Forbes, the #1 complaint jobseekers have about online job hunting is the daunting, lengthy, and sometimes glitchy applications tied to some of the more popular applicant tracking systems. Not only are the questions often repetitive, but the majority of these applications also require a user to input the exact same information housed in their resume into the application – even though they already took the time to put together a professional, polished resume that they’re still going to be required to upload at the end anyway. 

Indeed offers a quick-apply feature called ‘Indeed Apply’ on a sponsored post, which allows a jobseeker to apply for your open job without leaving the Indeed platform. They can enter their information, attach their resume, and answer your pre-screening questions without navigating away from Indeed – saving them lots of time (and headaches). 

Tip 5: Keep Your Campaigns Fresh

Indeed will continue to run your job campaigns consistently as long as you have a budget available and haven’t set an end date on your campaigns. Though this is great, so you don’t have to worry about babysitting your listings, there’s also a tiny issue with just letting them run: each Indeed listing shows how long ago a job was posted. 

Jobseekers who see a job posted 30+ days ago may (and often do) assume that job has likely already been filled and scroll on past the listing, even though you still very much need to fill that position. The best way to avoid this is to keep your campaigns fresh. This process doesn’t have to be time-consuming. All you need to do is copy the job description you’re currently using, close your existing campaign, and start a new campaign with a new job post with the exact same content as the previous post. Launch your new campaign, and you’re good to go. Now jobseekers will be able to see that you still have a need to fill that position, and you didn’t need to start from scratch. 

No matter what tools you use to drive quality candidates to fill your open positions, always remember that currently, jobseekers have the upper hand. They know their worth, and they’ll expect the same from you. Make sure you clearly spell out the benefits and highlight what sets you apart from your competition. You’re not just competing for business anymore – you’re competing for employees to keep your business moving forward. 

Want to learn more about Indeed advertising for your business? Get in touch with the digital marketing experts at LSM. We’ll be happy to help!