‘Tis the season of coupons and promos, and Google is planning to launch new shopping features just in time for the holidays. More and more, people continue to move to online shopping with studies suggesting an average of 60% of Google users have utilized the platform for shopping in the past two years. Through the launch of new coupon and promotion features, Google hopes to make shopping even easier for consumers by helping them find the best deals directly in Google Search.

Badges and Clippings

The first major update to shopping in Google Search is the addition of a promotional badge that is displayed when a coupon is available. While Google has labeled products with a simple “Sale” or “Price Drop” tag in the past, users will now have more insight into the promotions themselves. For example, you could see a badge that says “15% off with coupon code HOLIDAYS.”

Additionally, these coupons will have a clipping feature, which allows you to copy and save promo codes for whenever you are ready to commit to making a purchase.

Get Informed

If you are like most purchasers these days, you likely want to know not only who has coupons, but who has the best coupons. Data from Google shows that over half of shoppers in the US visited several websites before purchasing. For that reason, Google will soon start to show a side-by-side view of available promotions.

Google wants to further encourage smart shopping by adding a price insights feature. This feature is currently available in the Shopping tab, but with this update, you can see these comparisons directly in Search. With this tool, prices can be seen all at once from multiple merchants, so you can see if the product is over or under priced.

The Impact

Google’s mission to inform consumers is helpful, but also timely. The holidays are here, and with that, comes the hunt for the best deals — especially with inflation. Google says 43% of US shoppers are looking for deals and sales more than last year due to the economic climate.

Even though not all of these features are new to Google, they are new to Search, and we can’t help but be a little excited about the ease these updates will provide shoppers. As marketers professionally and consumers personally, we at LSM will be interested to see how these changes impact businesses and shoppers alike this holiday season.