Coding Y’all

On, an organization that promotes the incorporation of computer programming into education, there is a nice little video with cameos from Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook to Bill Gates of Microsoft to Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat (which of these is not like the other?) in which various people talk about how/why they started programming.

Chris Bosh makes an appearance to assure everyone that coding is for the cool kids too.

I only recently started to expand my repertoire of coding knowledge, and it made me wish that I had been taught all of this stuff when I was younger.  If you think about it, it’s pretty unacceptable that programming isn’t already a staple of all American curricula. Programmers can almost always find jobs (and good ones, at that), and as the world goes even more digital (Google Glass, Internet of Things, smartwatches, etc.), the demand for good programmers is only going to increase.

But no one’s going to listen to me about this. If you have strong feelings about the issue, go to and sign their petition. You can also donate and volunteer.

By the way, for those people interested in learning to code, I’d highly recommend Treehouse and Codecademy. Treehouse has a lot of great videos on all kinds of languages, but you need a paid membership. Codecademy is free and allows for more kinetic, hands-on type learning. Using both has helped me round out my understanding, but you can get by with just one.

Here’s the video:


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