LSM Shines in Google All Stars Spotlight

It’s a pleasure to be spotlighted by the Google Partners of North America Community and share our experiences and advice with agencies that are working to become fellow winners of the Google Engage All Stars Contest in 2014!

Only official Google Partners are allowed to view information that’s posted on the Google Partners North America Community page, so we took a screenshot of our spotlight (below) for you to enjoy. In the spotlight, LSM shares our top tips (taking lots of notes and getting to know all of the attendees) and fondest memories (biking around the grounds of the Googleplex) from Mountain View, California!

Local Search Masters in Google All Stars Spotlight

LSM is proud to be a part of the #GPCommunity, which constantly provides its members with special events and valuable information on how to maximize all the services, products and knowledge that Google has to offer. For example, we recently had the chance to host an exclusive Google Partners event, geared toward small business owners and digital marketing aficionados. 

Google Partners Event
Google employees Jennifer Qiao and Arjan Dijk during their live presentation. Photo credit: Jennifer Qiao

We wish the best of luck to every agency working to become fellow winners of the Google Engage All Stars Contest!