New Social Media Management Article Posted to

Businesses of all sizes these days understand that to fail to establish a relevant presence on social media channels is to miss out an free opportunities to improve your business as a whole.  Social media can be used to provide value for organizations in a number of ways, including but not limited to: branding search […]

The Power of Social Media

It’s been beaten into your brain over and over again that you HAVE to use social media to market yourself and your company in today’s business world. I could throw a whole bunch of numbers around to belabor that point, like that Facebook alone has 850 million active monthly users or that 50% of all […]

Enhance Your Advertising Strategy with the Updated Google AdWords

Google continues to expand its AdWords program, this time adding a plethora of options for advertisers with its Enhanced Campaigns feature. The changes are the most extensive in the ten-year history of the platform and users must adjust their strategies to meet the new features before July 22, when all AdWords users will be automatically […]

14 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in SEO

We can all agree that proper SEO can be beneficial for your business, but you might not understand just how beneficial such practices can be for the growth and sustained success of your company. To keep you both informed and entertained, we’ve compiled a list of the best arguments below. 1. SEO has become a […]

Google’s New Keyword Planner- The Latest Google Adwords Keyword Tool

In the past, search marketers were required to use at least two separate tools to build and make changes to campaigns.  The first, the Keyword Tool, would help users find specific keywords that they might want their business to rank for as well as competition and total search estimates at the national and global levels. […]

The Coolest Guy in Nashville

The Coolest Guy in Nashville is not a title to be taken lightly. That said, it isn’t hard to claim that title on Google. “The Coolest Guy in Nashville” is what’s called a long-tail keyword. Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases that are more than just a few words, and they often have very little competition […]

How to Respond to Angry Comments on Social Media

At Local Search Masters, we provide social media management services to clients of various sizes in a number of different industries.  Part of the work that goes into these services includes monitoring these social media accounts for positive and negative feedback from friends and followers and responding appropriately.  Recently, I had to deal with a […]

Social Media Channel Breakdown for the Nashville Business Journal

Is it weird to promote a blog post with another one of your blog posts? I don’t think so.  Here’s the latest post that I’ve submitted to the Nashville Business Journal.  It’s about deciding which social media channels are appropriate for your business, since different networks make more or less sense depending on the nature […]

Give Customers a Reason to Follow You on Social Media

For larger brands like Apple, Pepsi, and Chipotle, it’s not too difficult to make a splash on social media.  They simply show up to the digital party and collect their millions of fans fairly quickly thanks to their outstanding levels of brand awareness and popularity.  However, if you run a small business, it’s significantly more […]

Verious: The Search Engine for Coders

We go to Google for pretty much everything these days, but there are specialized search engines that have the ability to relay certain kinds of information back to us even more effectively than the Search Giants of Mountain View.  A fairly well-known example of this is Wolfram Alpha, a “computation engine” that’s particularly effective at […]