Social Media Channel Breakdown for the Nashville Business Journal

Is it weird to promote a blog post with another one of your blog posts? I don’t think so.  Here’s the latest post that I’ve submitted to the Nashville Business Journal.  It’s about deciding which social media channels are appropriate for your business, since different networks make more or less sense depending on the nature […]

Give Customers a Reason to Follow You on Social Media

For larger brands like Apple, Pepsi, and Chipotle, it’s not too difficult to make a splash on social media.  They simply show up to the digital party and collect their millions of fans fairly quickly thanks to their outstanding levels of brand awareness and popularity.  However, if you run a small business, it’s significantly more […]

Verious: The Search Engine for Coders

We go to Google for pretty much everything these days, but there are specialized search engines that have the ability to relay certain kinds of information back to us even more effectively than the Search Giants of Mountain View.  A fairly well-known example of this is Wolfram Alpha, a “computation engine” that’s particularly effective at […]

Write Your Digital Will with Google’s Inactive Account Manager

So Google just came out with one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in awhile.  It’s called Inactive Account Manager, and it’s really nothing more than digital life insurance.  Basically, Google is worried about all that data you’ve been storing up over the course of your life; they don’t want all of that precious information […]

Bring Google Fiber to Nashville… Please?

UPDATE: At long last, Google has announced that they are considering expanding Google Fiber to Music City! Here at Local Search Masters, we’re pretty excited about the possibility of super speedy Internet coming to town. Google Fiber is only offered in a few cities around the country, which makes this high quality Internet service even […]

One Facebook Like Strategy to Avoid

In social media, getting likes/followers/buddies is important.  It helps expand reach, increases the probability of interactions from customers, and provides an important social cue to potential customers visiting your social media profiles for the first time.  All of these factors can help improve your business’s bottom line (directly and indirectly) over time.  However, this process […]

Doctor Online Reputation Management

In today’s digital age, online reviews and ratings have become increasingly important for the healthcare professional.  It is essential for physicians and practices to maintain healthy digital reputations on the Internet.  We at Local Search Masters aim to help doctors manage their online reputations with our Top Doc Package.  Above is the link to an […]

Twitter Fight

My millions of dedicated followers out there will remember a time not long ago when I posted about Oreo’s clutch tweeting during the infamous Super Bowl blackout.  Well kids, Oreo is back again, and this time they’re going after the other snacks.  A few weeks ago, a woman tweeted about following both Oreo and Kit-Kat’s […]