Google announces Disavow Links tool

Today at PubCon, during his keynote address, Matt Cutts announced the release of the long-awaited “Disavow Links” tool.  This tool allows you to mark an inbound link to your site as spammy, letting Google know not to count the link when they crawl the site.  For users that have been hurt by Panda or Penguin, […]

Online Reputation Management Best Practices

Local Search Masters recently wrote a blog post for Franchise Solutions on different ways a business can maintain an excellent online reputation. Most of the suggested tactics are simple and easy to apply for most any business owner, and the results can be huge for your business – check it out!

Google moves against illegal downloading

The almighty Google algorithm has struck again.  The victims this time are sites that host copyrighted content that doesn’t belong to them – music, movies, pictures and more.  Hollywood has been pushing for this for a long time, hoping to drive sites that host illegal content down to the bottom of the SERPs, and today […]

SEO & Your Business

Local Search Masters recently held a discussion on local SEO best practices at Werkshop Marketing’s quarterly DIG titled, “SEO & Your Business” – discussing such topics as keyword research, onsite SEO, organic link building, search engine reputation management and how to properly track the results of your work. Below is a link to the slides discussed […]

Nashville SEO Meetup Group

Local Search Masters has created “The Official Nashville SEO & Search Engine Marketing Meetup” group. The group’s objectives are to share educational information about the SEO industry and to discuss search engine marketing best practices for onsite SEO, offsite SEO, local search, Google AdWords, social media utilization, Google+ Local and so much more. The group is open to […]

10 Fun Google Features/Oddities

When you’re the number one search engine in the world, life is easy. When life is easy, you tend to have some time on your hands. It therefore should not surprise you to find out that Google has some interesting features that you might not know about. Some of these are very useful, allowing us […]

SEO Memes

UPDATED: The new interns have proven to be even better SEO nerds than last year’s, and they’ve continued to create some SEO memes, starting with Bad Luck LSM. In just over a month, our summer interns have become full-fledged SEO nerds.  We caught them making SEO memes, and thought we’d share some.  They even went […]

SEO Myths Dispelled

Some people have incorrect impressions as to what works and what doesn’t work when optimizing a website for search. Sometimes it’s because the person hasn’t kept up with the world of SEO (example: people who still believe the Meta keywords tag matters), other times it’s because they’ve been told false information from people trying to […]