10 Fun Google Features/Oddities

When you’re the number one search engine in the world, life is easy. When life is easy, you tend to have some time on your hands. It therefore should not surprise you to find out that Google has some interesting features that you might not know about. Some of these are very useful, allowing us […]

SEO Memes

UPDATED: The new interns have proven to be even better SEO nerds than last year’s, and they’ve continued to create some SEO memes, starting with Bad Luck LSM:     In just over a month, our summer interns have become full-fledged SEO nerds.  We caught them making SEO memes, and thought we’d share some.  They […]

SEO Myths Dispelled

Some people have incorrect impressions as to what works and what doesn’t work when optimizing a website for search. Sometimes it’s because the person hasn’t kept up with the world of SEO (example: people who still believe the Meta keywords tag matters), other times it’s because they’ve been told false information from people trying to […]

The Social Whirl: Dealing w/ Negative Comments on Social Media Channels

This month’s post touches on something that has been on my mind a lot recently: social media and customer service. A lot of brands get overly concerned with negativity, especially when it comes to someone posting something of a negative nature on their social media sites. And while I do agree that it’s never a […]

Finalist for the 2012 NBJ Awards!

Local Search Masters is proud to be a finalist for the 2012 Nashville Business Journal Best in Business Awards in the “1-25 Employees” category.  Finalists for the award were chosen by a panel of judges, who took into account financial data like profitability and other metrics. The winners will be announced at an awards luncheon on April […]

Internet Marketing: A Two Way Street for Success

With less and less time on their hands, business owners are partnering with outside teams to help manage their various marketing efforts.  As a business owner, you want to make sure your annual investment in your outside marketing teams and their respective channels of marketing is providing you with the results you want. Here are […]

The Social Whirl: Facebook Personal Profiles vs. Facebook Fan Pages

Many folks these days have a personal page that they use for business purposes. I’ve seen multiple clients do this, all seeming to not understand the difference between having a personal profile and a business page. Well, the fact of the matter is that a personal profile just can’t do what you need it to […]

PubCon Las Vegas 2011 – Day 3: Google+ and Google Analytics

Google+ (Google Plus) and Google Analytics Soon to Be Integrated: A PubCon Session Quick Summary Upon entering the Google Analytics session on Wednesday I was honestly shocked at the amount of folks that were there to learn more about Analytics. Literally packed to the gills, there was almost no room, however I was able to […]

PubCon Las Vegas 2011 – Day 2

Another wonderful day at PubCon. We’re learning some very valuable information and getting some of our search marketing theories confirmed by the panelists – hooray! A couple quick notes for you. A key ingredient to online reputation management is to simply monitor your company’s reviews – read the reviews, get an understanding of your customer […]

Pubcon Vegas 2011

PubCon – Day 1. We are listening to the history of marketing and how it relates to Internet marketing. The LSM crew is excited to be here! Lots more updates to come. Follow our feeds from PubCon on twitter: @LocalSearchMstr So, what is PubCon? PubCon is the premier search and social media conference and expo. […]