The Social Whirl: Facebook Recommendations

The Social Whirl: What Facebook Recommendations Can Mean to Your Business How often have you heard friends recommending their favorite professional service providers? From contractors to dentists people rely on their friends’ opinions on a regular basis. I do it too. I recently moved to the Dallas – Fort Worth area and I know very […]

Is Content still King for SEO?

In the past, content was seen as one of the most important parts of search engine optimization because the algorithms the search engines used looked for keywords in the content. In this week’s video blog, Trevor explains why content is important, how content helps with online marketing and answers the question: Is Content still King […]

Link Building and SEO

Interested in learning about search engine optimization? Learn more about one of SEO’s most important aspects, link building. Trevor Emerson, President of Local Search Masters discusses the the six key points of link building in SEO. Currently, link building is the most important off site SEO technique. Without link building, no SEO campaign can succeed. […]

New Google Releases

It has long been speculated by veterans of the Internet Marketing industry that Google would place less importance on rankings, and move towards a more personalized ranking model. Recently, Google released a slew of new products, one of which, +1, is potentially going to have a large impact on ranking results. Aside from +1, other […]

The Impact of META Descriptions

We recently had a discussion at LSM regarding META Descriptions, and how they fit into on-site SEO. While META Descriptions don’t have a direct impact on SEO like Page Titles do, they do have an impact – albeit indirectly. When creating a META Description our primary goal is to get qualified users to click-through. Therefore, […]

5 Ways to Reach Mobile Consumers

With the rise of smartphones, mobile usage among consumers has soared. People want information and they want it quickly. This post by Online Marketing Trends shows just how important reaching mobile consumers will be. Here are a couple of points of which we should be aware from that article: Over 500 million smartphones are expected […]

An LSM Introduction

An Introduction:   I joined Local Search Masters as Operations Manager on March 21st, 2011. During the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with some of our clients and look forward to speaking with more (if we haven’t spoken, please call us, and I’ll be happy to talk). My journey to LSM […]

Exciting News at LSM

Local Search Masters is proud to welcome Calvin Giordano to our team. Calvin has over 10 years of sales experience and brings capacity to reach out to the greater Nashville market. Calvin has three children ages 13, 11 and 10 and is married to his wife Michelle. In his free time Calvin enjoys fishing, baseball […]

So Google is Giving the Big Brands Some Extra Love

Well, it looks like all of those small companies that worked their asses off to earn the top SERPS for highly competitive keywords have been devastated by Google’s newest “update” to the algo. Aaron Wall at SEO Book created a great post about the new heavy emphasis on branding from Google. It seems that now […]

The Importance of Conversion Optimization

Do you know how much you spend on marketing to drive a conversion on your website? If you don’t, find out immediately. For our example today, let’s assume that you are paying $10 for each on site conversion (Aren’t word problems fun!)That number could be great for your company or it could be far higher […]