LSMinute – A Simpler Way to Monitor Social Interactions

Take a minute to learn about what’s new in digital marketing! ____ ____ What Happened? Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger merged into one inbox. Facebook pages now have access to all of their interactions in one convenient place. Whether you get a page comment, a Facebook message or an Instagram message, they all will appear in one […]

LSMinute – Are You Visible To Those Using Siri For Search?

Take a minute to learn about what’s new in digital marketing! ____ ____ What Happened? Digital Assistants such as Siri and Alexa have continually grown in use over the last year, with no signs of slowing down. Interestingly, we interact with digital assistants much differently than we do with traditional search queries. The majority of […]

LSMinute – Facebook Upgrades Advertising Platform

Take a minute to learn about what’s new in digital marketing! ____ ____ What Happened?  The social network is adding multiple new features to its advertising platform that will: Track whether your Facebook ads result in store visits and offline purchases. Let people navigate their way to your brand’s nearest store from within the ad itself. […]

LSM a Featured Speaker at Nashville Entrepreneur Center

LSM Speaks at Nashville Entrepreneur Center Local Search Masters was asked to be a featured speaker at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center‘s ongoing “How To Workshops,” a hands on training series taught by community mentors in order to help new companies and entrepreneurs learn specific business skills at a high level. Earlier this month, LSM’s Business Development […]

Do PPC Campaigns Affect Website Rankings?

Often times when speaking with folks about LSM’s services, I hear this question: “Will running PPC (pay-per-click) ads help my organic search rankings, and vice versa, does SEO help my paid advertising efforts?” The short answer to these questions is: directly, no. However, there are components of each of these scenarios that CAN affect the […]

LSM Gives Guest Lecture at Jack C. Massey School of Business

– Dr. Kyle Huggins is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Belmont University’s Jack C. Massey College of Business.  One of the graduate classes Dr. Huggins is teaching this semester, ‘Social Media Marketing” shows students how to promote businesses with social media and content marketing. Throughout the course of the semesters, students explore various marketing […]

What is an Ad Extension and How Can It Help Your Business?

Want to give your prospective customers more reasons to click on your ads? Ad extensions do just that.  These extra pieces of information – such as your business address, website or phone number – can be added to your pay-per-click ads to better serve your customers’ needs. Google and other search engines will tend to […]

4 Things We Learned At The Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference

A few weeks ago, we traveled to Atlanta for the Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead. Created by Franchise Update Media, the Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference is a two day event focusing on all aspects of franchise marketing. Many of the industry’s top experts are brought together to discuss everything from how […]

7 Simple, Informative Videos That Answer the Question, “What is SEO?”

First time hearing that weird acronym, SEO? Sure you’ve been told it stands for Search Engine Optimization, but who actually knows what that means? Don’t worry! SEO is easier to understand than you would think. I too struggled initially to understand what SEO actually meant before I started working at a search engine marketing agency. […]