LSM Speaks at MTSU

Local Search Masters (LSM) Discusses Search Engine Marketing at MTSU

LSM speaking at MTSUDon Roy, Ph.D. is a Professor at Middle Tennessee State University who works in their Department of Management and Marketing as well as their Business School, the Jennings A. Jones College of Business. One of the classes Professor Roy is teaching this semester is ‘Applied Promotional Strategy,’ an undergraduate marketing course where students learn the fundamentals of search engine marketing (SEM) and its role in an organization’s marketing strategy. His students will be participating in the 2015 Google Online Marketing Challenge; a global collegiate competition in which student teams plan and execute a three-week Google AdWords campaign for a business or nonprofit organization.

Earlier this year Professor Roy reached out to LSM about coming out to his class and presenting important information about the search engine marketing industry; discussing topics such as:

  • Why a business should consider investing in SEM
  • Ways a business can advertise online via Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platforms (Google Search Network, Google Display Network, Google Shopper Network)
  • Best practices for developing efficient Google PPC and retargeting campaigns
  • Changes to the format of Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs) on different devices and search queries (mobile vs. desktop, organic results vs. paid results, market-level searches vs. hyper-local searches)
  • Website optimization and local SEM best practices
  • Career opportunities in the search engine marketing industry
  • Why search engine marketing should be offered as a Major and/or Minor at more universities

Professor Roy had originally heard about LSM through the Nashville Business Journal’s Best in Business Awards competition; he was involved in researching candidates in 2014 and recommended that we reach the final round (which we did!).

Matt Job, Chief Marketing Officer at LSM, spoke with the class about the world of search engine marketing on February 24th, 2015. Below are the slides of the presentation:

Follow Up Article – Why Search Engine Marketing Should Be Taught at More Universities

Over the course of putting together this presentation for MTSU, LSM researched the topic of careers in search engine marketing. During this research we found a few articles as to why search engine marketing should not be considered as a Major or Minor at universities. It is our opinion that it SHOULD be considered as a Major or Minor Degree at more universities; a degree comprised of classes in such fields as Communication, Economics, Computer Programming, Video Production, Marketing and Psychology. We will put together an article on this topic in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Franchise SEO has uploaded a blog post written by Local Search Masters, “4 Ways To Get More Business From Google – Part 1.” Part 1 focuses on local SEO keyword research – figuring out what your target audience is typing into search engines like Google and Bing. If you know what words your target audience uses to find a business like yours online, then you’ll know which words you need to include in the content of your website! Stayed tuned for the other 3 parts of the series, all focused on Franchise SEO and helping franchise businesses generate more customers and brand awareness through the Internet.




SEO & Your Business

Local Search Masters recently held a discussion on local SEO best practices at Werkshop Marketing’s quarterly DIG titled, “SEO & Your Business” – discussing such topics as keyword research, onsite SEO, organic link building, search engine reputation management and how to properly track the results of your work. Below is a link to the slides discussed in the presentation, and a full video replay of the discussion will be available next week. Everyone who signed up for our newsletter will be added onto the next edition, and here is a link to The Official Nashville SEO & Search Engine Marketing Meetup group – we hope to see you at our next event!