Understanding Where Your Target Audience is Consuming Media

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With countless online media platforms and billions of people consuming content, it can be difficult to break through the noise and communicate your message effectively. Understanding where your target audience is spending their time allows you to narrow in on where you need to focus your marketing efforts and advertising budget. As your audience insight grows, you’ll be able to spend your time and money where it matters and better expand your reach.

Define and research your target audience

In order to understand where your target audience is consuming media, you have to understand who your target audience is. You may begin by looking at a broad category (working moms, young professionals), but the more detailed you can get, the better results you will see. While you probably already have a general idea of who uses your business, utilizing Google Analytics is an easy and effective way to hone in on your demographics. A few characteristics you’ll want to consider:

Define and Research Your Target Audience inforgraphic detailing age, location, interest and lifestyle information for marketers


As your business grows and changes, your target audience may change with it. Never get complacent with your data — you should be analyzing it constantly. 

Understand the differences in social media platforms

Social media has completely changed the way we communicate with our customers. It’s now essential for businesses to have a strong social media presence. Knowing what platforms your audience is using will be crucial to your marketing strategy. 

Bar graph displaying how many social media users visit Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter on a daily basis

Image source: Pew Research Center

Many businesses utilize Facebook, as it is still considered one of the world’s most-used platforms. According to Sprout Social, Facebook has a wide age range compared to other social media sites, but the younger generation has been leaving in favor of Instagram and Youtube. 

Instagram has become more and more popular in the last few years, and according to Hootsuite, 75% of U.S. businesses will use Instagram in 2020. Many use a combination of Facebook and Instagram, but if you cater to a younger audience, Instagram is the place to be. With a pretty even mix of male and female users, Instagram can provide a large reach for companies. You can easily utilize features such as Instagram stories, shopping posts, and hashtags. 

There are many other popular social media platforms out there — Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and Youtube, just to name a few. Detailed demographic information is readily available for each site. Take the time to look into the different benefits and features offered on these apps. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different platforms and posts to see where your audience engages; this may be the most useful data you can collect. 

Know where your competitors are engaging

As you learn more about your target audience, you should be able to easily identify how your competitors engage with them. Analyze the way your competitors post and interact with their customers.  This is an easy opportunity to see what they’re doing well and to learn from their mistakes. Some things to consider:

  • How often do your competitors post?
  • What platform(s) are they using?
  • Do they tailor their content to the platform, or do they post the same content on every platform?
  • Which platforms have the most followers and interactions?

Observing where and how your competitors post content allows you to identify opportunities that they’re missing. 

Stand out to your audience

Many businesses feel overwhelmed when trying to decide where to post content and run advertisements. The online media landscape is constantly changing, and companies must be prepared to understand their target audience and where they’re consuming content. By analyzing data, utilizing the right social media platforms, and researching your competitors, you can stand out to your audience and spend your time and money wisely. At LSM, we offer digital advertising services, local search marketing strategies, and organic SEO solutions to help businesses reach their target audiences and provide them with relevant content. Reach out to us to find out how we can help! 

LSMinute – Google+ Shutting Down – Google My Business Upgrades

Take a minute to learn about what’s new in digital marketing!

Google+ Shutting Down.  Google My Business = Future

What Happened?

  • Google is shutting down their failed Google+ network and focusing their attention on Google My Business (GMB). The most recent improvement to GMB is a follow button that appears on a business’ Google My Business listing (see GIF above). This button (in beta at the moment) allows people to ‘follow’ their favorite businesses and see their past/future Google posts.

What This Means For You

  • This is another example of how Google is transforming their Google My Business platform into a “one-stop shop” for users. Think about it….
    • SOCIAL = Google Posts, Google Follow & Google Q&A
    • PROMOTIONS = Google PPC & Display Ads
    • CUSTOMER FEEDBACK = Google Reviews
    • BUSINESS DIRECTORY = Google Local, Google My Business
    • DIRECTIONS = Google Maps

    We expect the ‘follower’ button to become another important component of GMB and, eventually, an SEO ranking factor (GMB accounts for approximately 25% of the local pack rankings).

Next Steps

  • We’re always optimizing our clients’ Google My Business listings with the latest updates (see our TITLE Boxing Club case study). We’ll be in touch with our clients on recommended action plans when this button officially launches to the public.

LSM Recognized at Google Premier Partner Awards

LSM’s work was recognized for the ‘Growing Businesses Online’ award at the 2018 Google Premier Partner Awards in NYC (we were a finalist this year after winning in 2017). Less than 1% of Google’s Partner agencies are recognized at the Premier Partner Awards, and LSM is the ONLY AGENCY IN THE WORLD to be honored for this award in two consecutive years! Cheers!



Client Testimonial


LSM showed us that Facebook’s lead generation campaigns work

Cait Rechel – Multi-Unit Owner – Pure Barre Chicago Co-Op




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The Power of Influence


It’s no secret that the buyer’s journey is constantly evolving. In order to truly create a connection to customers and leave a lasting impression, your brand needs to generate awareness and build trust with consumers in their target audience. Although word-of-mouth marketing is still important, as times continue to change many people are looking online to find the products that their peers or online community are using. In fact, Nielsen reports 92% of people trust recommendations from individuals—even if they don’t know them—over brands.

Building Awareness

Brand awareness is a necessity for most brands. Whether you’re an established franchise or a small business, it’s important to get exposed to the right customers. One of the ways to get in front of potential audiences is through a brand awareness campaign. This can be vital to an expansion into a new market, product launch, or just to keep your brand in the public eye.

Most brands don’t have the budget to partner with a celebrity,  however, finding micro-local influencers is an option that boasts well for most brands. By honing in on people who are active in the community and have an engaged online following, there is an opportunity for your brand to develop a content partnership that caters to the individual’s needs while ideally using their presence to reach their audience. This tactic not only helps to spread awareness, but it can position your brand in front of an audience by using a source they already know and trust.

Who is an Influencer?

An “influencer” is an individual or publication that may have influence over potential buyers in your target market or industry. This can include:

  • Local guides or publications
  • Individuals with a large social media following on Facebook or Instagram
  • Bloggers specific to your industry (Fitness, Beauty, Lifestyle)

This person doesn’t have to be a celebrity. In many cases, these are individuals who are able to create content that is relevant and engaging to their audience. Whether it’s an Instagrammer who supports local businesses, someone who shares fitness tips, or even someone who does beauty tutorials on YouTube, Google has even found that 40% of millennials say that their favorite YouTuber understands them better than their friends (Google).

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Why are more brands adding an influencer initiative to their marketing campaign?

  • By partnering with an individual or publication that their target consumers already trust, brands are able to share their message through authentic storytelling and content development.
  • Through a sponsored post, feature, event or giveaway, a brand’s message can seem less like a traditional advertising and more like organic content.
  • By finding the right influencer, your brand is able to get right in front of a specific target market that is already active and engaged.
  • Content produced by influencers can be utilized into a current content strategy and repurposed into blog posts, social posts, and email content.
  • There is a potential opportunity for building credible backlinks, which can positively impact SEO.

Do you think that an influencer marketing campaign might be beneficial for your brand to reach individuals on social media? Get in touch! Our team would love to discuss your needs.



Top 5 PR Agencies for Franchise Brands


Partnering with a Public Relations agency that specializes in franchising offers a new host of benefits for both emerging and well-established franchise brands. When a PR firm has experience with brands similar to yours in size or industry, they possesses a better understanding of what strategies will help you business separate from the competition and accomplish your goals.

Part of LSM’s job is to support the overall success of our clients, which can involve collaboration with their PR firms on certain campaigns and initiatives. After 11 years of experience in the franchise space, we have determined 5 PR firms (in alphabetical order) that we recommend your franchise brand consider hiring:


All Points Public Relations

Founded: 2011
Brands: Huddle House, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Kona Ice, Junk King, Pearle Vision, The Joint Chiropractic, Dale Carnegie Sales Training, Etc.
Size: 25 Employees


All Points PR, which is approaching its seventh anniversary (August 15th), is a full-service PR company that focuses in the franchise space and develops and executes cost-effective, integrated PR strategies. In addition to offering the traditional PR services, they also have a collection of “creative services” that integrate to form a strategic campaign, inclusive of social media and content marketing. These services include national publicity, franchise development publicity, grassroots PR, grand opening support, existing franchisee support, consumer and franchise development social media, content marketing and media training.


Fish Consulting

Founded: 2004
Brands: Dunkin’ Brands, Jersey Mike’s, Wendy’s, Massage Heights, The Dwyer Group, FOCUS Brands, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, 1HUDDLE, FASTSIGNS International, etc.
Size: 22 Employees


Fish Consulting is a PR agency based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with operations in Washington D.C. and London. It’s been around for about 14 years, so Fish Consulting has plenty of experience. They offer support for clients that ranges from brand building, national and local media relations, franchisee recruitment, and consumer campaigns to crisis communications, cause marketing, internal communications, and print/digital marketing.

Fishman Public Relations

Founded: 1991
Brands: 85+ franchise brands!
Size: 40+ Employees


Fishman Public Relations provides strategic PR and content marketing services for franchise brand awareness and franchise lead generation. For over 25 years, their media relations results and content marketing pieces have driven system growth and closed countless franchise deals.

Franchise Elevator

Founded: 2013
Brands: Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, ZIPS Dry Cleaners, Rising Roll Gourmet Cafe, Dat Dog, Cherry Blow Dry Bar, Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids, Cody’s Original Roadhouse, Woops!, Etc.
Size: 7 Employees


The smallest and newest agency on this list, Franchise Elevator offers a more personalized approach than other PR agencies. Their services are designed to help emerging franchise brands build their brands. Franchise Elevator’s parent company is Fishman PR, offering their clients both the ideal experience and the personalization from both agencies. Their services include, among others, franchise lead generation PR, consumer brand awareness PR, crisis communications, grand opening PR, and media training.


No Limit

Founded: 2008
Brands: Dairy Queen, Checkers & Rallys, Rent-A-Center, Mosquito Joe, MOOYAH, Buffalo Wings & Rings, Etc.
Size: 35 Employees


No Limit is a Chicago-based content marketing agency that specializes in PR, content, digital, marketing, and advertising. They aim to be “the last agency you work with.” They started off in 2008 as a social media and PR agency and have evolved into everything content-based. They also run 1851franchise.com, their franchise trade publication and content marketing platform. They offer tailored services such as strategy & insights, content creation, design & development, and audience development.

LSM Volunteers at The Nashville Food Project

It’s Summer Thyme, And For LSM That Means Gardening!

On May 31, a team of LSM employees got to show off their green thumbs at The Nashville Food Project, an organization that grows, cooks, and shares food with people in need throughout Nashville.

How does The Nashville Food Project work?

The Nashville Food Projects allows members of the community to get involved in 3 core ways; working in the gardens and growing fresh produce, cooking meals for those in need, or distributing the meals across Davidson County in food trucks.

What did LSM do?

The LSM team chose to get their hands dirty in the garden and were given a quick orientation and tour before diving in. We shoveled compost, planted cilantro, and weeded everything we could get our hands on. All the dirty work under the Tennessee sun was worth it to help our community, and we were even sent home with a few fresh strawberries and stalks of asparagus! Our volunteer leader, Julia, said “the crew from Local Search Masters was a pleasure to host in the garden.  They brought lots of enthusiasm, worked really hard, and got a lot accomplished in the community garden on a very hot, humid day!”

Well, how was it?

All in all, we had a wonderful day The Nashville Food Project’s beautiful garden and hope to go back soon. Maybe we’ll cook or deliver the food next time! Check out our video about the experience here.

Support Nashville’s local nonprofits!

Local Search Masters is proud to have organizations like The Nashville Food Project helping our communities. For more information on The Nashville Food Project, visit www.thenashvillefoodproject.org.

LSMinute – ‘Business Description’ Section Added to Google My Business Listing

Take a minute to learn about what’s new in digital marketing!

What Happened?

  • Google announced that business owners can now add a business description to your Google local listings directly within Google My Business. This section will show up to people who visit your Google My Business listing while on a mobile device.

What This Means For You

  • The business description is another place for you to tell potential customers why they should visit your business. Additionally, this new section will factor into Google’s ranking algorithms, so including keyword-rich content on your listing should positively influence your ranking in Google’s local search results.

Next Steps

  • Business owners need to upload a description of their business onto their Google My Business listing. Over the next month, we’ll be working with clients to set up a unique description for their listing(s). If you’d like to complete this business description section yourself, you can visit this link for instructions.

What Happened?

  • Over the coming months, Google’s algorithm will begin to be based on a mobile-first experience. The rollout of this mobile-first indexing change began in late March.
What This Means For You
  • If your site is not mobile-friendly, then its organic rankings on Google will likely decline on searches that are being performed on a mobile device. Google said it would notify webmasters and site owners about this adjustment via messages in Google Search Console.
Next Steps
  • If your site is not mobile-friendly and a good amount of your traffic is coming from mobile devices, then it’s officially time you revamp your site. If you’d like to tackle this job yourself, then you can click here and see a list of best practices for mobile-first indexing. Need help optimizing your site for mobile devices? Contact us today.

What Happened? 

  • Yelp announced that business owners have the ability to customize their ads, specifically which photos and reviews are presented in their campaigns.
What This Means For You
  • Taking advantage of this feature will improve your ads’ ability to stand out from competitors and will highlight the best Yelp-related content about your business. You can do it yourself, or you can use Yelp’s “auto-pilot” feature to run ads for you.

Next Steps
  • We’ve begun customizing our clients’ Yelp ad campaigns. If you’re running Yelp ads yourself, log in and determine which reviews and/or images you’d like to highlight in future advertising campaigns. If you’re interested in using LSM to run your Yelp ad campaigns, let us know.

What Happened? 

  • Waze introduced Waze Local – map-based ads aimed mainly at small businesses. Waze, an app many people use to avoid road traffic, now has 100 million active users spending 11 hours per month on the app.
What This Means For You
  • There’s now a way to advertise your business on the Waze app.

Next Steps
  • Businesses who think their customers use the Waze app should consider advertising on their platform. LSM has already begun testing Waze ads with certain clients, and the initial results have been positive! Your account manager will reach out if they believe advertising on Waze is a viable lead generation tool for your business.

LSMinute – Facebook Improves Business Insight Metrics

Take a minute to learn about what’s new in digital marketing!

What Happened?

  • Facebook updated how they will measure organic reach of Facebook Business Pages so that they are more consistent with the way they calculate reach for ads. In a nutshell, they’re now providing us with a more precise way of measuring the organic reach of your posts  vs. the paid reach of your ads and boosted posts.

What This Means For You

  • It will make it easier for businesses and agencies to compare the results generated from your organic Facebook efforts (ex: posting a picture or video on your newsfeed) vs. your paid Facebook efforts (ex: a boosted post or lead-gen campaign), giving everyone a clearer picture on what activities are pushing the brand forward.

Next Steps

  • We look forward to reviewing Facebook’s revisions, analyzing the impact they have on your organic and paid reach metrics, and sharing our recommendations as we move forward.

What Happened?

  • Google Chrome, the browser used to view about 58% of web pages, installed ad blockers that removed ads on approximately 42% of websites. Its goal is to rid the internet of websites “stuffed to the gills” with invasive ads, such as ads covering more than 30% of your phone screen or autoplay videos with sound.
What This Means For You
  • This is great news for the typical web user;  it’ll force websites to reduce the number of annoying ads it allows on their sites so that they can pass Google’s ad standards, including sites such as the LA Times, Forbes, and the Chicago Tribune. As a result, websites will load faster, and your phone’s battery will last longer! Expect Google to continue its fight toward removing invasive ads from the web.
Next Steps
  • No ads managed by LSM are affected by these changes. Our ads are have always been in-line with Google’s standards. However, if you’re also running invasive ads with another agency, reach out to them to see if any of your existing campaigns will be affected by these adjustments.

What Happened? 

  • For the first time since 2014, search outpaced social in the percentage of overall traffic it delivered in 2017. In part, this is due to last year’s Facebook’s algorithm changes, which reduced the amount of spammy, clickbait headlines appearing in users’ news feeds.
What This Means For You
  • This reinforces the importance of having an SEO strategy in place for your business. People trust Google’s algorithm to provide them with the best answers to their queries, and the higher your content appears in the search results, the better chance you have of earning their click.

Next Steps
  • LSM will continue implementing our award-winning SEO services to optimize our clients’ websites and position them in front of people needing their products and services.
As usual, LSM was on the road quite a bit during the last few months of the year. We attended client conventions, educational conferences, and a few award ceremonies. When we were actually in town, we took some time to give back to our local community. Watch this short video for a recap on LSM’s Q4 happenings.
LSM was recognized by Nashville’s ‘Best in Business Awards’ for the sixth consecutive year! Hosted by the Nashville Business Journal, the awards use a panel of local judges to select which companies deserve the recognition based on profitability, employee engagement, and community involvement.

Clutch Recognizes LSM as a Top SEO Consultant – 2017

On November 30, 2017, Clutch announced Local Search Masters as one of the top search engine (SEO) consultants in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. To determine its nominees, Clutch assesses agencies on over a dozen qualitative and quantitative factors. Being recognized by Clutch as a top SEO consultant means our services demonstrate excellence in digital marketing and design.

“Digital marketing is changing rapidly,” said Clutch Analyst Ilse Heine. “As consumer behavior changes and technology advances, businesses have to consider more factors. For example, without a strong organic and paid search strategy, content won’t be found by online users. Each element connects to the other, and these high-performing agencies prove that they not only are experts in their specific practice but also have a clear understanding of how their piece connects to a larger strategy.”

LSM is incredibly proud of Clutch’s acknowledgement, and we’re especially glad that our dedication to understanding and developing effective digital marketing strategies is helping multi-location businesses generate more leads and brand awareness.

Curious about partnering with LSM? Contact us today for a free consultation! Not curious? Maybe reviewing a few award-winning case studies will change your mind!

LSM Named Finalist at 2018 Best in Business Awards

On January 28, the Nashville Business Journal announced the finalists for the 2018 Best in Business Awards. Now in their 8th year, the awards use a panel of local judges to select which companies deserve this recognition based on profitability, employee engagement, and community involvement. For the 6th time in 7 years, we’ve been named a finalist among companies in the 26-100 employee category!

“We’re pumped to once again be apart of the Nashville Business Journal’s Best in Business Awards, and not just because of the delicious chicken lunch!” says CEO Trevor Emerson. “Receiving regular recognitions from the Business Journal was a goal of ours when we started 12 years ago, and to now have 6 nominations in is very satisfying.”

LSM recognized at 2015 Best in Business Awards

A chunk of our team looks forward to attending the 2018 Best in Business Award luncheon on March 8 where the category winners will be revealed. LSM is extremely proud of the nomination, and is thankful for all of our clients who‘ve given us the opportunity to partner with their brands and grow their bottom-line!

Interested in working with one of the best businesses in Nashville? Contact us today!

LSMinute – Google My Business Video Uploads Now Available to Business Owners

Take a minute to learn about what’s new in digital marketing!

What Happened?

What This Means For You

  • Videos can now appear on a business’s listing in Google Maps or the local web search results. It’s undetermined if these videos have any SEO-related impact, but listings containing videos will likely experience more engagement than those without videos.
Next Steps
  • We’re speaking with our clients to determine what video files to upload onto their Google My Business listings over the coming weeks. In the meantime, we strongly suggest that  your brand consider developing more 30-second video content for pre-roll, programmatic, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ads (franchise development-related videos for LinkedIn).

What Happened?

  • Facebook adjusted their algorithm that determines what content to show on an individual’s newsfeed late last year. Long story short, business owners must “boost” their organic posts on Facebook, otherwise few people will see them.
What This Means For You
  • Businesses need to “boost” their posts in order for them to be seen by the right audience. Because “boosting” posts costs money, businesses should focus on posting and boosting high-quality content that your audience actually cares about.
Next Steps
  • Our team prepared for this change last year and has plans in place that we’re excited to share with our clients during our coming strategy sessions!


What Happened? 

  • Google confirmed that a change was made to the way Google displays snippets in search results, growing the space from 160 characters to about 230 characters. A snippet is the description of a page displayed below the blue URL in an organic search result (LSM’s description snippet is highlighted in red above).
What This Means For You
  • Having an optimized meta description for each key page on your website will increase your chances of having an optimized snippet, and an optimized snippet will increase your site’s ability to attract more clicks from Google’s organic search results.

Next Steps
  • We’ve been going through our clients’ meta descriptions to ensure that they’re optimized for this snippet update. Other businesses should perform a few Google searches on their own business to see what their new snippets look like.


Google published a case study on our advertising and user experience work for Brain Balance Achievement Centers. We increased conversions by 437% and decreased cost-per-lead by 370%. The fact that Google wanted to create a formal case study on our digital advertising services was an LSM dream come true, and it is a testament to the LSMers working day and night to provide clients with excellent results. We’ll continue striving to achieve similar results for all our clients in 2018 and beyond!