LSMinute – Google+ Shutting Down – Google My Business Upgrades

Take a minute to learn about what’s new in digital marketing!

Google+ Shutting Down.  Google My Business = Future

What Happened?

  • Google is shutting down their failed Google+ network and focusing their attention on Google My Business (GMB). The most recent improvement to GMB is a follow button that appears on a business’ Google My Business listing (see GIF above). This button (in beta at the moment) allows people to ‘follow’ their favorite businesses and see their past/future Google posts.

What This Means For You

  • This is another example of how Google is transforming their Google My Business platform into a “one-stop shop” for users. Think about it….
    • SOCIAL = Google Posts, Google Follow & Google Q&A
    • PROMOTIONS = Google PPC & Display Ads
    • CUSTOMER FEEDBACK = Google Reviews
    • BUSINESS DIRECTORY = Google Local, Google My Business
    • DIRECTIONS = Google Maps

    We expect the ‘follower’ button to become another important component of GMB and, eventually, an SEO ranking factor (GMB accounts for approximately 25% of the local pack rankings).

Next Steps

  • We’re always optimizing our clients’ Google My Business listings with the latest updates (see our TITLE Boxing Club case study). We’ll be in touch with our clients on recommended action plans when this button officially launches to the public.

LSM Recognized at Google Premier Partner Awards

LSM’s work was recognized for the ‘Growing Businesses Online’ award at the 2018 Google Premier Partner Awards in NYC (we were a finalist this year after winning in 2017). Less than 1% of Google’s Partner agencies are recognized at the Premier Partner Awards, and LSM is the ONLY AGENCY IN THE WORLD to be honored for this award in two consecutive years! Cheers!



Client Testimonial


LSM showed us that Facebook’s lead generation campaigns work

Cait Rechel – Multi-Unit Owner – Pure Barre Chicago Co-Op




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LSMinute – ‘Business Description’ Section Added to Google My Business Listing

Take a minute to learn about what’s new in digital marketing!

What Happened?

  • Google announced that business owners can now add a business description to your Google local listings directly within Google My Business. This section will show up to people who visit your Google My Business listing while on a mobile device.

What This Means For You

  • The business description is another place for you to tell potential customers why they should visit your business. Additionally, this new section will factor into Google’s ranking algorithms, so including keyword-rich content on your listing should positively influence your ranking in Google’s local search results.

Next Steps

  • Business owners need to upload a description of their business onto their Google My Business listing. Over the next month, we’ll be working with clients to set up a unique description for their listing(s). If you’d like to complete this business description section yourself, you can visit this link for instructions.

What Happened?

  • Over the coming months, Google’s algorithm will begin to be based on a mobile-first experience. The rollout of this mobile-first indexing change began in late March.
What This Means For You
  • If your site is not mobile-friendly, then its organic rankings on Google will likely decline on searches that are being performed on a mobile device. Google said it would notify webmasters and site owners about this adjustment via messages in Google Search Console.
Next Steps
  • If your site is not mobile-friendly and a good amount of your traffic is coming from mobile devices, then it’s officially time you revamp your site. If you’d like to tackle this job yourself, then you can click here and see a list of best practices for mobile-first indexing. Need help optimizing your site for mobile devices? Contact us today.

What Happened? 

  • Yelp announced that business owners have the ability to customize their ads, specifically which photos and reviews are presented in their campaigns.
What This Means For You
  • Taking advantage of this feature will improve your ads’ ability to stand out from competitors and will highlight the best Yelp-related content about your business. You can do it yourself, or you can use Yelp’s “auto-pilot” feature to run ads for you.

Next Steps
  • We’ve begun customizing our clients’ Yelp ad campaigns. If you’re running Yelp ads yourself, log in and determine which reviews and/or images you’d like to highlight in future advertising campaigns. If you’re interested in using LSM to run your Yelp ad campaigns, let us know.

What Happened? 

  • Waze introduced Waze Local – map-based ads aimed mainly at small businesses. Waze, an app many people use to avoid road traffic, now has 100 million active users spending 11 hours per month on the app.
What This Means For You
  • There’s now a way to advertise your business on the Waze app.

Next Steps
  • Businesses who think their customers use the Waze app should consider advertising on their platform. LSM has already begun testing Waze ads with certain clients, and the initial results have been positive! Your account manager will reach out if they believe advertising on Waze is a viable lead generation tool for your business.

6 Reasons to Consider Purchasing an Enhanced Profile on Yelp


Yelp logo

Yelp Enhanced Profiles for Business Owners & Franchisees

If you’re a business owner or franchisee who’s looking to generate more local customers online, you should think about getting an enhanced profile on Yelp. Millions of people are searching Yelp everyday to find new businesses and comment on the ones that they’ve used. Rather than ignoring the potential customers who are browsing on Yelp and hoping that only positive reviews will be posted/highlighted on your profile, you can harness Yelp’s marketing opportunities and take charge through an enhanced profile. Here are a few reasons why business owners should consider purchasing enhanced profiles on Yelp.


Removal of Competitor Ads 

You can trim down the distractions on your profile so that visitors will focus only on you and what you can offer them. The enhanced profile is the only profile-upgrade option to offer your business more attention by removing all ads from your competitors: advertisements that automatically show up on everyone else’s free business profiles.


Professional Look 

Since the enhanced-profile listing looks more professional and has more display features, your listing will immediately stand out from other Yelp search results that your potential customers are likely to see when searching for your business on Yelp.  


More Photos

It’s a well-known fact that people spend more time looking at Yelp pages with photos than those without photos. Imagine how much more attracted visitors will be your business when they get to see an entire slideshow of your most-enticing photos, and the enhanced profile lets you upload an unlimited amount of rotating photos. Plus, you get to arrange the photos in exactly the order that you want. This powerful advertising feature does more than just make your potential customers feel more welcome to visit you; it also can give them a virtual walk-through of what they could look forward to experiencing at your business. Thus, the more time they spend visualizing what awaits them at your business, the more likely they are to pay you a visit and spread the word about the franchise that you’ve worked so hard to create.


More Unique Information

First impressions are everything. Before people dive into reading the reviews of your business, it’s important to have the first word by adding your own personal ‘From the business’ section to give an accurate description of what makes your location different from other, similar businesses in the same marketplace, i.e. new menu options, in-store discounts and other events. Your top keyword-search terms should also appear at least once in this description in order to help “SEO optimize” your profile.


Enhanced Dashboard

Enjoy access to the must-have business owner dashboard in your enhanced profile, which analyzes lots of your Yelp activity for you. This important data shows you exactly how many people are seeing your page so that you can see if your latest profile and advertising changes are really working or not. Enhanced profiles also get exclusive messaging options that let you respond to your Yelp reviews in private or publicly on the site, which is a critical tool when it comes to digital marketing for franchisees and independent business owners.

This feature is the best way to handle any negative reviews that you may receive on Yelp because visitors get to hear a little of your side of the story and see how professionally you can handle disagreements. The business-owner dashboard also lets you share different levels of access for various employees in your company, so you have the flexibility to assign separate people to handle each aspect of the dashboard as needed. Plus, if you’re a business with multiple locations or a multi-unit franchisee, the enhanced profile will also let you track all of your locations from a single business account in real time.


Account Manager Support

Enhanced profiles provide you access to Yelp personnel who can help you and your business get the most out of Yelp by 1) helping you update your Call-To-Action button 2) change and upload more photos 3) get constructive advice on how to respond to reviews 4) assign access to different users, and 5) provide advice on how to best market your business on Yelp.



For many businesses who are currently trying to generate more local customers, Yelp is an important tool. Its listings will show up highly in the search results for both branded and non-branded keywords (examples: “Massage Envy Spa San Diego reviews” and “massages San Diego CA”). Reviews listed on their site will make or break people’s purchasing decisions. That being the case, franchisees and independent business owners should consider purchasing Yelp enhanced profiles for their respective locations.

For more information about utilizing Yelp enhanced profiles you can contact Yelp or contact LSM today.