Senior Laravel & WordPress Developer

LSM is looking for a talented developer to take our software platform to the next level. We’re a close-knit team of marketers and developers who provide excellent service to large brands across the country. This role will be responsible for building and maintaining our internal software platform, a Laravel application with a Vue.js front-end, as well as building and maintain websites in WordPress. The ideal candidate has experience in Laravel and WordPress development and single-page app development with Vue.js. This role will have the opportunity to be a leader at our agency and leverage technical skills to drive our products forward.

As a small business, we are always tinkering with new technologies to provide maximum results for our clients. As such, this role needs to have the ability to quickly learn and adapt to new platforms and technologies. Being able to read documentation and integrate with new APIs and libraries is a must. The ability to interact with non-developers to learn about business goals, plan, and create solutions is a must.


• Writing code according to specifications of technical designs and development tasks

• Hands-on development, testing, debugging and ongoing maintenance of new and existing code

• Organizes workload to meet deadlines as assigned by leadership

• Develops working knowledge of company’s products and services in order to better understand internal client needs

• Ensures leadership is informed of schedules, timelines, statuses, issues, mitigations and all other information

• Interacts with other key staff members on the design and execution of certain tasks

• Reviews other developers code for quality assurance to maintain best practices


• Excellent programming, testing and debugging skills

• Knowledge of software development, scalable applications and deployment fundamentals

• Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills

• Ability to work in a cohesive team environment

• Experience programming with PHP, Javascript

• Experience programming with WordPress

• Experience programming with Laravel

• Experience programming with Vue.js or other reactive front-end frameworks

• Proficient in developing and testing RESTful API’s a plus

• Comfortable navigating Linux servers a plus

• Experience with MVC frameworks.

• Must be prepared to learn new business processes or application nuances very quickly


Candidates must be in the Nashville area, or willing to relocate.


To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Trevor Emerson,