The Objective: Convert More Customers

During a Google Analytics audit, LSM found that, while center microsites were seeing high traffic from Google Ads, the conversion rate was low at only .22%. This presented a tremendous opportunity for LSM to come in and make an immediate impact.

The Solution

Conversion-Friendly Landing Pages

LSM created a custom landing page for each center, designed to overcome most of Brain Balance's website problems (slow page speed, lack of CTA's and shallow content).

Targeted Advertising

LSM incorporated relevant, highly localized website copy into their Google ads' healines, descriptions, and sitelink extensions.

A/B Testing

LSM A/B tested our landing pages against Brain Balance's microsites to evaluate the success of our strategy.

Hear From The Client

  • "From the outset, I felt that LSM was different from the other SEO / social media companies that I had worked with over the years. Our representatives demonstrated a real interest in learning about my business, not just in general for our organization, but in terms of learning how we advertised at my location, how we meet our new customers, get out in the neighborhood and partner with other businesses, etc. Our LSM representative is a real strategic thinker when it comes to our marketing plan, which I really appreciate after years of asking questions and getting scripted, uninformative responses encouraging us to "just stay the course." I've found that LSM is a very helpful partner and recommend them to other business owners and managers.”

    Betsy Stoeber

    Franchisee, Brain Balance
  • “We enjoyed partnering with LSM. Their team provides exceptional customer service and their dashboard software makes it easy to understand which customers originated from our website and digital advertising campaigns. They’re continually working to improve upon their results; their steadfast mentality is most appreciated.”

    Heidi Rose

    Chief Marketing Officer, Brain Balance
  • "Working with LSM has been an absolute pleasure. They truly cares about the success of our franchisees' marketing campaigns, including the campaigns LSM doesn't directly oversee. Additionally, their reporting dashboard is intuitive and easy to use, and their grand-opening package is currently helping our new franchisees to hit the ground running. We're fans of LSM and recommend them to any franchise looking to increase sales."

    Lisa Trask

    Director of Digital Marketing, Brain Balance



increase in online conversions


decrease in cost-per-lead


increase in page load speed

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