The Objective:

Increase the number of leads received during an annual, limited-time promotion: a 'Free 3-Visit Pass' to non members. By doing so, the Y is able to get more potential members into their wellness centers for a chance to experience all they have to offer, and ideally, become full-time members.

The Solution

Develop Facebook Ad Campaign

LSM created a Facebook ad campaign designed to: - Generate sign-ups for the Y's 3-visit pass, and - Retarget people who sign up for the pass with display ads about a limited-time 'No Joining Fee Offer,' helping people avoid paying the typical $35 joining fee.

Conduct A/B Testing

LSM experimented with different ad copy, imagery and CTAs to evaluate the success in remarking memberships to those who received a 3-visit pass. Also sent a drip email campaign confirming the promotion via email to the user who signed up

Refine Ad Targeting

LSM created a Custom Audience to show the Y's ads to based off: 1) individuals who signed up for the previous year's 3-Visit Pass 2) individuals possessing similar demographics to the Y's existing membership base 3) designated geographical areas around each Y.

Hear From The Client

  • "LSM has gone above and beyond, serving as an extension to our online team and continually improving our online presence."

    Tracey Jackson

    Director of Marketing and Outreach, YMCA



Increase in leads received YoY


Decrease in cost-per-lead YoY


Happy YMCA locations

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