Google+ (Google Plus) and Google Analytics Soon to Be Integrated: A PubCon Session Quick Summary

Upon entering the Google Analytics session on Wednesday I was honestly shocked at the amount of folks that were there to learn more about Analytics. Literally packed to the gills, there was almost no room, however I was able to squeeze in and settled down to learn as much as possible.

Unfortunately there weren’t a whole lot of the physical applications that I was able to take away from the session. Most of the tools/tips we are already utilizing, however it was brought to my attention during the session that Google is preparing to link up everyone’s Google+ pages with Analytics. This is HUGE, as it will have all kinds of connotations from a client, personal and in-house perspective.

The most obvious thought that came to my mind relates to the main difference between Facebook, twitter and Google+. Search engines see Facebook and Twitter as private websites, this means that all of your browsing within these are not visible to Google bots, however pairing a social profile based site with a search engine and then giving it the tracking ability of analytics would have huge opportunities.

Another takeaway from the session was that the “old,” layout of Google Analytics will soon be retired (beginning of next year) so you will be forced to swap over if you haven’t already.

Other than that, the short session was really just an exercise in patience as the gentleman behind me proceeded to leave his messenger notifications turned up so every few minutes of the presentation was punctuated with the lovely dings of incoming chat messages.