Good news for all you avid pinners out there. One of the fastest growing social networks, Pinterest, has finally come out with basic analytics for its business profiles.  Companies now have the ability to keep track of statistical data relating to their Pinterest profiles as well as the company websites themselves.  With this new analytics dashboard, you can see what content people are pinning from your website, how many people are seeing and clicking on your pins, which pins are being repinned the most and by whom, and more.  You can also choose what timeframe to look at for the various trends, naturally.

It’s important to note that your website must be verified (this is how Pinterest knows you’re not simply hijacking someone else’s brand) for you to access these analytics, so make sure you’ve done that before you go looking for this fancy new dashboard.  To verify your URL, go to  You’ll know it’s been verified if a checkmark appears next to the URL on your Pinterest profile.

Keep your eye on Pinterest.  It’s trying to find ways to monetize its services by catering to its business profiles, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more Pinterest for business updates soon… including ads and promoted content. Only time will tell.

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