So Google just came out with one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in awhile.  It’s called Inactive Account Manager, and it’s really nothing more than digital life insurance.  Basically, Google is worried about all that data you’ve been storing up over the course of your life; they don’t want all of that precious information being lost when you kick the bucket.  To prevent such a disaster from occurring, the tech empire with the funny name now allows you to set up automatic transfer protocols for your data should you not log in (presumably, because you are deceased) after a certain period of time.  If your account goes inactive for a few months (you choose how long), Google will either delete all of your data or pass it along to trusted heirs, depending on what you’ve told it to do.

It’s not just email either; the way it stands now, you can set up transfers for a number of Google’s applications.  The transferrable data includes:

  • +1s
  • Blogger
  • Contacts
  • Circles
  • Drive
  • Gmail
  • Google+ profile info
  • Pages
  • Streams
  • Picasa Web Albums
  • Google Voice
  • YouTube

You can read more about this zany new project straight from Google’s blog.  Enjoy your weekend, for you can now take comfort in the fact that should you suffer any sort of mortal injury, at least the world will still be able to know which blogs you followed. :)

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