One of the things that often keeps me up at night is how to get more followers on social media accounts.  There are a number of creative ways to do this (which is why my job is so fun at times), but today I’m going to focus on one that I had an experience with recently.

A couple of days ago, I stopped at a bagel place for lunch.  When I got to the register and paid, I was given a little promotional stub along with my receipt.  On the stub was a deal offering three free bagels to anybody that signed up for their membership club or liked their Facebook page. And while I know it’s a little sad that these are the things that excite me, I couldn’t wait to talk about some of the little things that make this a good idea.

There are four things to notice here.

First, it’s important to use offline channels to boost your online channels to customers.  There are places to promote your social accounts other than your website or email blasts.  Promoting your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest at your physical location(s) is just as important and can be just as effective as digital alternatives.

Second, sometimes businesses do promote at physical locations, but the social indicators are not exhibited in a highly visible, prominent spot.  One of the most obvious and most effective places I’ve seen used regularly is the restaurant menu.  Anything near the register is a safe bet, too. The fact that I was handed something made it virtually impossible for me to miss the promo.

Next, offering something in exchange for a like or follow (like bagels!) isn’t such a bad idea either, but make sure what your offering is worth the customers’ while.  You don’t want to insult them.

Last, I like how they give the customer a choice.   That way, even if the patron isn’t into the whole interacting-with-brands-on-social-media-thing,  the bagel place can still potentially get them signed up for their membership program and add value to his or her experience in another way. Either way, the customer is interacting with your business in some fashion, and you’ll stay in his or her mind for longer.

That’s all for now. Happy Friday.


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