Google continues to expand its AdWords program, this time adding a plethora of options for advertisers with its Enhanced Campaigns feature. The changes are the most extensive in the ten-year history of the platform and users must adjust their strategies to meet the new features before July 22, when all AdWords users will be automatically upgraded to Enhanced Campaigns.

Perhaps the most lauded of these features is the ability to differentiate your targeted advertising spending between desktop computers and mobile devices. Some industries see widely different conversion rates on different devices, so this ability can help you maximize your advertising dollars by ensuring that its being spent in the right places.

However, the most useful of the new changes to users will likely be what Google is titling “Flexible Bid Strategies,” which offer a wide variety of options in customizing your PPC bidding strategies. These strategies are:

Target Search Page Location

This function will automatically try to get your ads onto the front page of search results and/or the top of the page. This strategy can be extremely useful for branded searches and maximizing your hold on the front page of select search terms.

Maximize Clicks

Google describes the function of this feature as, “Automatically sets bids to get you the most clicks, within a target spend amount that you choose.” This is actually an update of a previous Adwords feature, Automatic Bidding, and is ideal when simply getting as many pageviews as possible is your goal. This strategy is also useful if you have a limited budget, and are looking to get clicks and recognition, if not retail conversions.

Target Cost-Per-Aquisition

This function is also an upgrade of an old AdWords function, Conversion Optimizer. As the name implies, Target CPA is a tool that will automatically set bids to get as many conversions as possible to reach a set CPA goal. While similar to Maximize Clicks, this feature is best used if you have a dollar amount you are willing to pay for advertising to convert a new customer.

Enhanced CPC

Another automatic bid adjustment, Enhanced CPC will adjust your bid on the likelihood of generating a click. This almost functions as a more flexible version of Target CPA, as you have control over certain keywords.

Other Features

Another great feature added to AdWords in this update is the beta version of Image Extensions. This plugin will allow advertisers to add visual elements to search results. Since one in six Google searches turn up visual content, this could be an important resource for retailers and other companies in the near future.


This latest update of Google AdWords increases the flexibility marketers have in selling their companies, and their products, to the public. Today’s advertising world doesn’t allow for a “one-size-fits-all” approach to marketing, and the new version of AdWords reflects that.

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