Businesses of all sizes these days understand that to fail to establish a relevant presence on social media channels is to miss out an free opportunities to improve your business as a whole.  Social media can be used to provide value for organizations in a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • branding
  • search engine optimization
  • reputation management
  • sales/marketing
  • loyalty programs
  • customer feedback
  • human resources (acquisition, morale, rewarding employees)
  • PR

… the list goes on.

To utilize these functions to their full potential, you need to ensure that your social media presence is characterized by a consistent flow of content.  If you want to grow your follower account, engage in meaningful conversations with real customers, and exert real influence over your target demographics, you need to be posting on a regular basis.  Of course, the frequency with which you should post depends on a few things: the type of industry you’re in, the specific social channel in question (e.g., twitter users tolerate much more frequent posting than people on Facebook or LinkedIn), and what demographics you’re targeting, just to name a few.

Regardless, the more you post (without going overboard and being annoying about it), the better you’ll do.  But you’ve got a business to run with lots of little things that need daily attention, and you probably don’t want to spend hours of your valuable time playing around on social every week.  So, outside of paying an extremely capable team of Internet marketers to do it for you, how do you find exciting, valuable content for your follower base day after day?

I’m so glad you asked… Recently, I posted an article on a website that caters toward buyers and sellers of franchises,  In it, I outline a fairly exhaustive list of some great places to look for content that can be turned into fodder for your social media posting efforts.  Check it out here, and if you have any good ideas for sourcing content consistently, tell us about them in the comments!