Adapting Facebook Strategy for 2018 and Beyond

Facebook’s one popular social platform:

  • Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerbuerg reported in August that over 2 billion people log into Facebook every month to connect with friends and family.
  • According to Sprout Social, Facebook is one of the most obvious options for social research.
  • Around 76% of adults online use Facebook, and since the rise of Facebook Live, the platform has seen a 700% growth in video views.

With this significant growth in Facebook users, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for local businesses, and even big brands, to be seen on Facebook. The growth makes it harder than ever to achieve an organic, natural reach – even from people who already follow and like your page.

Facebook has announced several algorithm changes over the past year.  One major shift includes the favoring friends and family posts and the lessening display of business posts. This shift distances businesses from their consumers. If these trends continue, organic reach from Facebook pages will dwindle.

  1. Change is here whether you like it or not.

Facebook marketers must accept that the platform has changed and is going to continue to evolve. Your business needs to continue adapting with the change and rather than resisting it. Facebook is becoming a pay-to-play network, you must let the new changes  factor into your 2018 strategy. Boosting posts and advertising is the key.

  1. Cut back on organic posts and spend your time elsewhere.

If pay-to-play is the name of the game on Facebook, why spend time creating content that no one is going to see? Share your very best content, and better yet, promote it. Following this strategy shift allows you to choose the right people to see your content because, after-all,  you’ve curated just for them. Don’t forget about boosting posts, either. Even a few dollars per day can improve your reach.

  1. Static images will be lost in a video-consumed newsfeed.

Facebook has become one of the most visual platforms on the web. Video is growing like wildfire, and it’s time to capitalize on it. There tools on Facebook that allows you to create stunning slideshows or apply to images. Facebook live is another effective tool that can reach your audience if you use it properly. Highlight exciting real-time events or promotions; give the audience what they want.

  1. Listen to what the analytics are telling you.

When your Facebook page only gains 100 likes in a year or engagement rate of <1% per post, something’s got to give. It’s time to overhaul your content engagement strategy. What posts get the most engagement? What posts get the most reactions? Listen to how your audience reacts and engages with your content, and use that information to your advantage. By using ads, you’ll actually get more organic reach from your content. How? People share ads, meaning your content is exposed to a larger audience.

  1. Turn your Facebook visitors into leads, better yet, customers.

If you didn’t get the memo before now, this Inc. article  drives our point home: “Facebook has 1.39 billion mobile visitors every month and half a billion of its users only access the network via mobile. So capturing leads from mobile Facebook users is a huge opportunity.” Ads allow your consumer to contact you in ONE click. Yes, you are one-click away from adding to your bottom line. Mobile changes the game to marketing funnels. They see an ad, and the lead is captured. Say goodbye to the dated marketing funnel thanks to Facebook.

The best part about adapting your strategy is that the consumers are already spending a ridiculous amount of time on the Facebook platform; you just have to get in-front of them. Even the infamous, Larry Kim, Founder and CEO of Mobile Monkey, says: “Facebook is too huge for a business of any size to ignore”. If you haven’t already made the switch from organic reach to promoting your best content, it is time to realign your social media strategy.

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