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With countless online media platforms and billions of people consuming content, it can be difficult to break through the noise and communicate your message effectively. Understanding where your target audience is spending their time allows you to narrow in on where you need to focus your marketing efforts and advertising budget. As your audience insight grows, you’ll be able to spend your time and money where it matters and better expand your reach.

Define and research your target audience

In order to understand where your target audience is consuming media, you have to understand who your target audience is. You may begin by looking at a broad category (working moms, young professionals), but the more detailed you can get, the better results you will see. While you probably already have a general idea of who uses your business, utilizing Google Analytics is an easy and effective way to hone in on your demographics. A few characteristics you’ll want to consider:

Define and Research Your Target Audience inforgraphic detailing age, location, interest and lifestyle information for marketers


As your business grows and changes, your target audience may change with it. Never get complacent with your data — you should be analyzing it constantly. 

Understand the differences in social media platforms

Social media has completely changed the way we communicate with our customers. It’s now essential for businesses to have a strong social media presence. Knowing what platforms your audience is using will be crucial to your marketing strategy. 

Bar graph displaying how many social media users visit Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter on a daily basis

Image source: Pew Research Center

Many businesses utilize Facebook, as it is still considered one of the world’s most-used platforms. According to Sprout Social, Facebook has a wide age range compared to other social media sites, but the younger generation has been leaving in favor of Instagram and Youtube. 

Instagram has become more and more popular in the last few years, and according to Hootsuite, 75% of U.S. businesses will use Instagram in 2020. Many use a combination of Facebook and Instagram, but if you cater to a younger audience, Instagram is the place to be. With a pretty even mix of male and female users, Instagram can provide a large reach for companies. You can easily utilize features such as Instagram stories, shopping posts, and hashtags. 

There are many other popular social media platforms out there — Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and Youtube, just to name a few. Detailed demographic information is readily available for each site. Take the time to look into the different benefits and features offered on these apps. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different platforms and posts to see where your audience engages; this may be the most useful data you can collect. 

Know where your competitors are engaging

As you learn more about your target audience, you should be able to easily identify how your competitors engage with them. Analyze the way your competitors post and interact with their customers.  This is an easy opportunity to see what they’re doing well and to learn from their mistakes. Some things to consider:

  • How often do your competitors post?
  • What platform(s) are they using?
  • Do they tailor their content to the platform, or do they post the same content on every platform?
  • Which platforms have the most followers and interactions?

Observing where and how your competitors post content allows you to identify opportunities that they’re missing. 

Stand out to your audience

Many businesses feel overwhelmed when trying to decide where to post content and run advertisements. The online media landscape is constantly changing, and companies must be prepared to understand their target audience and where they’re consuming content. By analyzing data, utilizing the right social media platforms, and researching your competitors, you can stand out to your audience and spend your time and money wisely. At LSM, we offer digital advertising services, local search marketing strategies, and organic SEO solutions to help businesses reach their target audiences and provide them with relevant content. Reach out to us to find out how we can help!