The newest addition to social media marketing is here, and no, it’s not a witty video. LinkedIn is taking steps to modernize an older tool, bringing Newsletters to company pages.

Newsletters’ Unique Communication with Members

The Newsletters tool branches from another newer part of LinkedIn, Articles. The Articles tool allows users to publish long-form content. Newsletters will also specialize in long-form written content, with the added bonus of creating recurring articles for subscribers.

This idea brings the exciting prospect of facilitating more in-app engagement for companies looking to keep connections and interest alive with their followers. With a one-time alert, marketers and businesses can more effectively update their subscribers and spark meaningful communication.

LinkedIn’s focus on businesses makes this a promising tool for brands, but, like anything new, there are concerns to be mindful of before diving in headfirst. The main concern with Newsletters is the potential of leaving your audience feeling bombarded with too much information. No one likes to be overwhelmed by notifications, which has already been an issue for LinkedIn. Ensuring Newsletters are relevant and simply recognizing the type of audience you attract will likely become the main components of the success of the content you send.

Using Newsletters

If you are an avid LinkedIn user, you may have been reading this, scratching your head thinking, “this sounds a little familiar.” Well, that’s because Newsletters was launched in the fall of 2021, but was only accessible for those users in Creator Mode. The creator tool with creator mode will now be available to all members, and this is what gives you access to Newsletters. Once the creator tool is turned on, everyone will have access to using Newsletters, well, almost everyone.

While this is a big step in allowing businesses and users access to Newsletters, LinkedIn still places some criteria around who can and cannot use it. According to LinkedIn, members and pages must have more than 150 followers, have active/current experience creating original content on LinkedIn, and have a good record of following their Professional Community Policies. Even if you meet this criterion, it’s important to note that the creator tool may not be available to all qualified members just yet, but LinkedIn assures that you should be able to have access in the coming weeks.

What We Know So Far

With still many unknowns, data can be found for some early adopters. Zoom, for example, has tested Newsletter campaigns and saw promising success within the first 24 hours with over 10% of their followers subscribing. While Zoom’s results may point to a bright future, LinkedIn’s Newsletters is still very much in its adolescent phase. It will be interesting to see how this new tool will engage followers over the next few months as more companies adopt Newsletters.

At LSM, we are always looking at the latest trends and updates across all marketing platforms, so we can best advise and serve our clients. We’ll be keeping a close eye on how impactful this new LinkedIn becomes for companies.