Third-party cookies will no longer be supported on Google by late 2023. There has been a lot of discussion on what the removal of cookies means for advertisers, but what does it mean for SEOs?

In short, the privacy changes will not directly affect searchability. Cookies are not considered a ranking signal by Google or Bing. The only impact of Google’s cookie removal that will affect SEO is personalization within search engine results. Cookies not only allow ads to be personalized, but also allow personalization within the organic search results. If you’ve ever searched for your business in incognito on a browser, then made the same search on the same search engine without it, you may have noticed the search results look different. The reason for this is that cookies allow Google and other search engines to personalize search results related to previous searches, your current location, time, and more. If users opt out of cookies, their search results will no longer be personalized to their interests. This means when cookies go away, the ads and organic results that currently make up search engine results pages (SERPs) will not be as personalized to each user as they are now.

Aside from personalization, organic search does not necessarily need cookies to provide great results for users. Cookies have never affected the SERPs in any way besides personalization. When cookies were first introduced, there was a myth that cookie-consent request pop-ups could harm SEO, as Google set regulations about “intrusive interstitials” in 2017. However, these rules specifically mentioned that important requests like cookie consent pop-ups would not negatively impact a website’s organic search performance.

Making sure to optimize the pages on your site is important for being competitive in the SERPs, whether a user consents to cookies or not. This means that brands need a strong SEO strategy now more than ever. Establishing a well-optimized online presence will help users find your content and services across the web without the need for cookies.

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