Increase Conversions and Lead Volume With Targeted Advertising Campaigns.

As a Google Premier Partner, LSM is one of the best online advertising agencies for local, multi-location, and franchise businesses. Your dedicated team of LSM advertising specialists will create and maintain advertising campaigns tailored to your businesses’ goals and budget. Our ad specialists stay up-to-date on the cutting edge of online advertising technology, so you don’t have to. Your ads will take advantage of new features on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, TikTok and Programmatic as they roll out, boosting your brand credibility and separating you from your competitors, all while optimizing your monthly advertising spend, helping you improve your cost-per-lead rate.

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Drive new
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online sales

brand awareness

Drive more customers to your website wherever they are online.

Reach the right people, with the right content, at the right time across all digital channels and devices with Google Display and Programmatic Advertising. Boost brand credibility and separate yourself from the competition with user-centric designed display advertising, remarketing campaigns, and programmatic ad buys that deliver brand messaging to your unique audience.

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Programmatic advertising allows clients to reach a specific customer or a specific channel with relevant ad messaging through automation

Remarket to previous site visitors browsing online with targeted ads

Target non-branded keywords around featured services, products, and competitor keywords for enhanced market share

Leverage first-party data using your existing customer lists to target online users who share similar demographics with your current customers

Promote your brand where users are searching.

Reach your audience at each step of the marketing funnel with a multi-faceted approach that helps to build brand awareness and generate new leads. Not only will you maximize your marketing dollars and increase your visibility on the Google search page with digital ads, but with Google Search Ads, you can adjust budgets, creative, promotions, schedules, and more–as often as you need to. Through detailed targeting, you can position your ads in front of people who are actively searching for your product or service. Target your audience by location, demographics, and interests, or leverage first-party data to find new customers who behave similarly as your current ones.

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Boost engagement with potential customers.

Through engaging, memorable strategies, our digital advertising specialists will help you position ads in front of those who possess the precise demographics and user behaviors of your preferred clientele. Social media ads allow your business to boost brand engagement through highly-interactive, full-screen ad placement options on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube through a creative, storytelling approach. From discovery to the decision, our social media ads keep up with customers’ mobile-first approach to finding the products and services they want while providing an immersive experience. From branded GIFS to videos that tell your brand’s story, social media advertising not only moves customers to action but can also bring your brand to life and leave a memorable impression on both new and existing customers.

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Drive real results for your business by reaching new customers with integrated ads that show on multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger

Choose to run videos, images, slideshows, and carousels to find the right creative that works best for your brand and your audience

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