What We Do

Our beauty salon marketing solutions can help your salon generate more online-booked appointments and overall foot traffic, driving revenue growth and brand awareness. With our review marketing services, you will be able to easily monitor, analyze, and strengthen your salon’s online reputation.

What It Means For You

Take Control Of Your Online Presence

Your LSM team will work with you to ensure that new and existing customers can easily find your business online. Through our website development, SEO and local listing services, we’ll improve your website’s rankings on search engines and directories, optimizing your ability to show up in front of folks searching online for local beauty salons.

Targeted Advertising

Our custom ad campaigns target specific types of online users based on age, location, device, income, keywords, and more! Using your salon’s existing customer list, we can target online users that share similar demographics, as well as lapsed customers you’d like back in your beauty salon!

Beauty Salon Marketing Awards

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