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Providing your patients with a satisfying online experience is paramount to your healthcare organization’s continued success. Our award-winning team of digital marketing experts are here to help new and well-established hospitals, surgical centers, addiction treatment centers, physical therapists, and nursing homes establish your brand online, drive more traffic to your website(s), and convert more site visitors into new patients.

What It Means For You

Optimized Website Experience For Patients

A majority of potential and current patients will visit your website. If your site doesn’t look first-rate, or makes it challenging for users to find what they’re looking for, then they’ll assume your facilities and physicians aren’t first-rate either. We nip that in the bud by building high-grade websites for healthcare organizations that provide users with a simple, intuitive online experience.

Drive New Patient Growth

Through our search engine optimization (SEO) and local listing management services, LSM will work to get your healthcare website and Google My Business profile highly positioned in the organic search results for localized queries being performed by your ideal patient candidates (i.e. “nursing homes in Sarasota, FL,” “ local physical therapists,” or “urgent care center near me”). More organic visibility = more traffic to your website = more new patient opportunities!

Build Awareness With The Right Audience

Our digital ad campaigns utilize a combination of Google Search, Display, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, remarketing, and geofenced advertisements. Each campaign is custom-designed to help healthcare organizations accomplish their specific set of goals (i.e. brand awareness, patient acquisition), and our targeting capabilities ensure your ads are shown to the right people, at the right places, at the right times!

Protecting Your Professional Reputation Online

People trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues. Review velocity plays a role in SEO as well, increasing the importance of generating, and responding to, reviews about your healthcare organization on key listings such as your Google My Business profile, Facebook page, and online healthcare directory listings. Our review management platform gives you the ability to monitor, understand, and strengthen the online reputation of your organization and physicians.

Digital Marketing Awards

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