What We Do

LSM’s award-winning online marketing services will help your vision center generate more new patient opportunities from the web. Combined with our lead management software, we’ll help you track and understand the origin and value of every patient opportunity generated from the web, allowing you to make more educated decisions on where your marketing dollars are best spent.

What it Means For You

Reach The Right People Online

Our team will ensure your vision center’s key medical and local listings have complete and accurate information, develop unique content for your website to educate potential patients, and optimize your website to help it rank higher on searches performed by people looking for local, respected optometrists and LASIK surgeons.

Grow Your Online Reputation

Our review marketing services allow you to easily grow and monitor your brand’s reputation online, helping ensure that people, who research your vision center online before making a purchasing decision, find content that inspires them to schedule a consultation.

Discover what we can achieve together.

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